Chapter 26

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Erin's POV

Hey guys, here a small short chapter! Hope you guys enjoy it!

I was sitting up right with my back pressed against the back board to my bed, reading a book. It was currently 5:28p.m. I had been awake for a few hours now. For some odd reason I could not fall back to sleep, I kept tossing and turning. However I did managed to get a good few hours of sleep, so it would be no bother to me later on. At first I had just decided to lay here quietly in bed, listen to the rain fall, but eventually I grew bored of that as well.

I turned to look down at Jaxon, who was laying sound asleep next to me. He was laying on his side, with his back facing in my direction. I had debated on waking him up, but decided not too. He deserve to rest after the night he went through. My mind started to wonder over to Arlo.. How were things going to be from now on, now that he knew. Knowing how intoxicated he was, would he even remember anything that had happened. I partially started to feel guilty because I'd always been there for him after he had his bad nights, but this time I had someone else to put first. No longer wanting to dwell on last night, I decided to catch up on some reading to ease my nerves. I didn't want to think about him, about what happened, but no matter how hard i tried I couldn't stop.

I closed my book up, there was no point in trying to read when I couldn't concentrate. I had been stuck on the same damn page already for about twenty minutes. I placed the book down on the night stand beside me and got out of bed as carefully as I could without waking up Jaxon, and walked over toward the fireplace. Kneeling down next to it, I turned the little knob to the gas starting up a small fire. I personally never really used my fireplace, I had no reason, I was lighting it for the handsome guy who was asleep in my bed.

Although Jaxon wasn't shivering or anything, i decided to turn it on either way. I've learned from sleeping together that he was naturally cold most of the time, or maybe that was because my no having body heat was cuddled up next to him most of the time. He's told me multiple times that the cold didn't bother him, he was use to it from living out in the fringe. But I didn't want him to stay accustomed to his old life style, I wanted to give him everything he couldn't have out there, starting with some heat.

Once the fire was up and crackling, I walked back over to bed. Lifting the covers up I got underneath them and cuddle up next to Jaxon. I wrapped an arm around him, setting my hand on his bare chest. I snuggle up closer to him, placing a soft small kiss on his shoulder blade. The instant my lips made contact with his skin there was a sudden ache in my gums. If I was careful enough I could easily sink my canines into his shoulder without waking him. But in all honesty, I hadn't drank from Jaxon, not since the night i got a little rough with him. I felt so bad because not only did I forget to subsided the bite, but I had forgot to heal the bite wound afterwards.

Jaxon begun to slightly stir next to me. He turned his head back in my direction, slowly opening his eyes. "Hey, beautiful."

I smiled, bringing my hand that I had placed on his chest up around his neck, my thumb softly stroking his cheek. I didn't want to say anything and expose that my fangs were out. I knew Jaxon all to well, he would've insisted that I drink from him, and I didn't want to just yet. His eyes lazily started to close back up as he fell back to sleep, keeping his head in the awkward position he was laying in. I lightly pulled his face towards me some more, planting what was suppose to be a soft delicate kiss on his lips, which soon grew heavy as he started to kiss me back. Grabbing onto my arm, Jaxon pulls me over to where I'm now half laying on him. He wraps his hands tightly around my waist, holding me close to him. I feel him starting to smile against my lips, and my heart instantly starts to flutter at the thought of seeing his smile. I start to giggle, breaking up our small heated moment. "Well, hello to you too"

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