Chapter 7

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Kendal POV-

I woke with a terrible headache, I really dont feel like going to school at all.

But I have to,  I have a perfect attendance and on top of that I wanted to see Terrance.  We really had a strong connection last night.

I wonder what he was going to tell me!? oh well probably nothing important, let me get ready for school. I wore the same ol same ol clothes I had in my closest and head out for another day in hell.

I reach by locker and none of my friends was at school so I called Mehgan? No answer Hmm What's going on, She wasn't on the bus today?

I called erika No answer

I called kenneth No answer.

Where the hell was these Mofos? I hope they okay.

So I walked to class alone praying they come later.

It was lunch time and still they wasnt their?

It was me all alone at the table eating,  This school had 2,000 something kids But none of them talked to me. this turning out to be a suck ass day. they had a special announcement they was going to give in the cafeteria today, everyone was in their except my friends so I got up and started walking out -Sigh-

-Terrance POV-

Not only im in a good mood, my teammates was happy af we was one step closer to the championship and closer to Getting kendal's number. Where was kendal I thought to myself??

Everyone was here to hear about our pep rally later on today in the gym but not kendal?

I guess cause his lil homies wasn't their so he vanished.

Bruh, I wanted to get them digits from shawty but he gone.

I hope I see him at the pep rally.

-Kendal POV-

I Heard my class mates talking about the pep rally.

I didn't care, my friends wasnt here I was alone.

I wanted to go and see terrance but I changed my mind.

It was 1:00 oclock Everyone was heading to the gym,  Pep rallys around here always start at 1:00 Finish around 3. They have alot of activities but I wasnt going to be part of.

As im walking I heard people cheering and screaming "Terrance, Terrance, Terrance, Terrance.

So I peeped my head inside the gym and saw terrance dancing,  Boy had some moves. So I stood by the door and watch him dance, And all I could think about is those eyes and that convo we had.

But I saw a couple of people looking at me weird so I backed out and walked out.

Im walking slowly in the halls and I heard

"So im guessing my dancing sucks??

It was terrance I turned around and saw him in his jersey jacket,  and sweat pants and nike Sneakers.

His dick print showed too, I swallowed hard and instantly I got hot and I answered

"No, Actually it was good

He smiled and said "thanks little homie why u leaving!!??

I couldn't look at him in the face so I put my head down

"Because I dont belong here"

"Yes you do at least be here for me" He said as he walked Closer to me

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