Chapter Three- Annoying Boys So Aren't My Thing

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Chapter Three- Annoying Boys So Aren't My Thing

June 5th: Waning Gibbous

    Honestly, these boys that were supposed to be "showing me around" had yet to do anything of the sort. I'd finally learned which name went with who and I was sure to remember that Dylan was the one to avoid while Andy might be okay even though he was the one that made the night comment upon meeting me. Although they had both been smiling at me after the door closed I could tell Dylan was pretty bi-polar. When we got in the car he yelled at me for getting in the wrong side while Andy just laughed, telling me that Dylan was always like that.

    So, I wasn't too happy when Dylan turned out to be the one that would drive the car. We'd started out driving at a normal speed that wouldn't have us running into random deer. However, once Andy started messing around with the radio station Dylan got angry and wasn't paying attention to the speed limit anymore. We had to be going about twenty miles over the limit, surprising me that no police had pulled us over yet.

    Andy and Dylan, I could already tell, were those brothers that were really close but at the same time couldn't help to fight with one another at any moment one of them did something the other didn't like. Really, it was kind of funny watching them argue about the radio station, but at the same time I was worried about my safety as we sped down the streets despite the fact that the speed limit clearly read twenty miles an hour and we were going forty.

    "Don't you two think we should slow down, we don't want to get pulled over," I said, my voice being lost in the now full blasted radio. I cursed and unbuckled my seat belt, being totally unshy as I reached between them and turned down the radio so it was now off. "Now I think we need to slow the hell down."

    Both boys stared at me stunned as if they couldn't believe their eyes. I rolled my eyes at them before sitting back in my seat, not bothering to buckle my seat belt again. Thankfully, Dylan had slowed the car down and kept his eyes on the road, every so often glancing at me through his rearview mirror. Andy on the other hand was totally over what I'd done and resorted to sifting through Dylan's CD collection, saying every so often that certain songs of his were dumb.

    It was ten minutes later that we pulled onto a side road and began driving slightly into the woods. Now they really were taking me somewhere that wasn't showing me around and every instinct in me said this wasn't a good thing. I mean when total strangers start leading you into the woods I wouldn't consider that to be a safe thing. Seriously, it could lead to rape and being found in a dumpster which were two things I wasn't comfortable with.

    "Where are we going?" I asked, looking around to see if there was some kind of building, but the only thing around us were trees.

    Totally ignoring my question and bringing up the dreaded naked in the woods incident, Andy said, "You're that nudest, right?" Oh that was such a face-palm moment that I felt like banging my head against his seat. Had it gotten around to the entire town? Really, I hadn't even been in the place more than one day and people were already talking about me.

    "Okay, first of all," I began, crossing my arms over my chest to show that I was angry, "I am not a nudest and second of all where did you hear that I was?"

    Dylan was the one to speak next, once again not answering the questions I had. "Andy can you call Joesph to tell him that we're almost there and that he needs to open the gate for us."

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