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Naruto already knows how to control chakra, he awakened his sharingan and mangekyo because his parents were killed and that's like precious to him he awakened it and since he never had any friends he didn't have to awaken it by killing his best friend ok author is out bye and enjoy.

"Naruto wake up. We got to get started on the training everything that your body is capable of doing" kurama told naruto.
"What is it kurama" naruto told kurama tiredly.
Kurama then got frustrated and roared as hard as he can. "Ahhhh, what the hell was that" naruto commented terrified at how loud Kurama roared. "Lets go, we got to master your mangekyo and your rasengan" kurama told naruto like an order from a master. "Ok ok, im getting up calm down" said naruto while stretching.
*Time skip*
11 years later of training.

"Ok now that you've mastered both skills i want to introduce you to someone very special and very rare so be very, very respectful ok naruto, now come the mind scape "( i think i wrote that wrong tell me if i did please) kurama told naruto. "Ok" said naruto. "Hagaromo you can come now" kurama said in a nice clear voice. "So this is the kid who you were talking about" the sage commented. "Yes, he is a quick learner, he masters skills quickly, and he never gives up" kurama said in a voice that surprised naruto. "Naruto, come over here, i want to give you a very rare gift that only very special people have ok" the sage told naruto. "Is it a new mangekyo, wait no a new kyubi, wait i know your gonna give me infinite ramen aren't you" naruto said in a voice of excitement. "Hahahaha, no naruto im going to give you my eyes, now that your 18 years old, i think you can master them but you need to train with me ok" the sage told naruto. "Ok but what is so special about your eyes old man sage and won't you be blind." naruto said with a bit of confusion.
"Hahahaha, no naruto i won't be blind and these eyes is one of the most powerful eyes anyone can ever get, they have every ability that the tenseigan its self. There called the rinne-sharingan." The sage told naruto with a bit of pride. "Ummm, what's the tensegan" naruto said in confusion. Kurama and the sage sweat dropped. "Never mind that just know you'll be one of the strongest person ever ok" the sage told naruto. "That's awesome" naruto said in excitement. "But i will give you these eyes in one condition" the sage told naruto. "And what is that?" Naruto questioned. "You have to promise me you will never use your power for anything but good and to protect you loved ones" the sage told naruto with a serious face. "Ok, i promise" naruto said with an honest voice and pure heart.
Now the sage went up to naruto and touched both of his eyes "Now you have the rinne-sharingan. You can deactivate them, they will always be activated on any eyes like kurama's, your normal blue eyes, your sharingan eyes ok and you will sense people easier, copy their jutsu, know when their going to hit you, where and how. This is my one and only gift for you" the sage told naruto "ok, thank you, i won't let you down" naruto told the sage.

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