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"What are doing here?!" I turn around and I see him. Why did he have to be here? Dammit.
"Why are you in the STI system? You know that's illegal right?" He says.

"Ember, I asked what are you doing here?!" He yelled.
"Like you care Shortz!" I yelled saying his last name and if I'm being honest he looked pissed but surprised I knew his last name.
"What are you scared?!" I yelled "not talking? Great just like you have been for the past week. You know? I actually thought you where going to be different than everybody else. I guess I was wrong." I said sadly but truthfully. He looked at me with sympathy. "Don't give me that sympathy shit I don't need it. If you didn't want to be my friend then why did you hang out with me if this was your plan all along?!" I said to him.
"Ember, Stop. I've wanted to your friend since the day I met you. But it's been hell for me. And if I told wouldn't believe me." He said each word fading out.
"Then tell me, I don't care. What I care about is why you keep ignoring me. Why you won't talk to me? That's what I'm here for. But do you ever talk to me?!
"Not since that day you left. You left me when I needed you. And honestly I'm about to do the same damn thing to you." I said getting louder and louder.
"You wouldn't believe me Ember. I know you won't. You wouldn't fucking understand. So just go the hell away. He yelled at me. I was shocked.
"So I was right. You don't want me to be your friend anymore. Well then, good luck. Don't come crying to me when you realize you fucked up. Bye Blake." I say to him. And with that I left, leaving him there with tears running down his cheeks. As if he even cares. He left me, he didn't do shit for me when I needed him. So why should help him?

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