Christmas shopping Hogsmeade

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It is now christmas,not much has happened the last two week,well i went to see my first quidditch match,Hufflepuff agaisnt Griffyndor it was amazing and I was hoping that one day I could fly a broom.

Everything was going great and I was having so much fun,then Harry fell from his brrom after Dementors attacked him but he was fine because Dumbldore had slowed his fall and he didnt hit the Ground too hard so he just woke in the hospital wing with all of us greeting him from his sleep.

I do not like dementors one bit now they brought back some horrible memories but i soon got the memories away and another thing I hate,Christmas,I am not allowed to celebrate because i will get a worse beating well I do anyway,Mark hates christmas and i dont get presents like other normal children on christmas so it upsets me seeing other children laughing having fun in snow,holding their parents hands,snowball fights and then there is me nit able to leave the house more scars,bruises and bad memories, watching fom a window and doing chores.

I also have to by Mark presents which he was never to happy about,all he wanted was alchohol for christmas and it was very hard to get some seeing as they wont sell alcohol to me but I found ways but even then he would ge drunk and beat me more.

No!!! i still havn't bought everyone else christmas presents yet,they will hate me and the last hogsmeade trip is today and I dont have a permission slip signed,maybe I could forge the writing,no no that would be suspicious as i didnt have one before.

I suppose I will have to get hit because I know none of the weasleys or Harry or Hermione would go too far so maybe they will just hit me and I need to send my owl home with the alcohol that i keep hidden for christmas just incase something happens i am not able to get any before christmas.

I walk along the corridor trying to think of how i will buy presents

"We can get you into Hogsmeade"I try to listen in and its the weasley twins voices I hear.

I walk around the corner to find them talking to Harry,Perfect

"Can you get me into Hogsmeade aswell unnoticed"I ask making them jump

"Yes just go with Harry well if it is alright with him"Fred says

I look to Harry hopefully"Of course and I will have someone to talk to"Harry said

"Thankyou thankyou thankyou"I say ranning over to Harry hugging him making him blush

"Flinch is coming this way now quick go"George say

"Thankyou"Harry says pulling a thin cloak around our heads,"whats this for?"I ask

"Its an invisibilty cloak now come on"He says dragging me down corridors through an entrance and through a tunnel and then above our heads is an opening

"This leads us to honeydukes a sweet shop"Harry said

"Wait Harry can you help me buy everyone presents while we are here"I ask

"Well we cant be seen we are not allowed here"Harry

"Yes I know but i dont mind being caught so you can stay under the cloak while I buy presents"I say

"Fine ok"He says "Now what should i get everyone?"I ask him

We sit down on the floor of the tunnel thinking of things

"Who you buying for?"He asks "Ron,Ginny,Fred,George,You,Hermione and Neville"I say I am close to Ginny now Ginny and Hermione and I are like 3 sisters we are all so close and Neville and I have talked alot and I help him and Hermione in potions because Snape lets me off talking so it saves Hermione getting in trouble for helping

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