Meet Alyssa Cross: The back-talking, headstrong sixteen year old who just got transferred into the elitist school in the Europe. What trouble will she stir up with these snobby rich kids? However... some people are not what they seem... What, or rather whom is hiding behind the impenetrable walls of St. Bordeaux's Academy? 


Chapter 1 Newest Addition: American Alyssa Cross! 

My name is Alyssa Cross, I'm sixteen, and I am transferring into an English private school. I'm American, FUCK. The whole entire train ride to the school the creepy-looking vagrant sitting in the aisle across from me was licking his lips and looking me up and down. It was starting to really gross me out, then we got to my stop (thank GOD!). I practically jumped out of my seat and ran out. He threw out a hand to stop me. 

"Don't go sweetheart, let me have you instead." The weird guy's eyes started to change into a crimson red. 

"I promise, I'll be gentle," he said with a twisted smile. WHO WAS THIS CREEP?! WHAT WAS WITH THE EYES?! I didn't stick around to answer him, I jerked my hand away and ran off. The guy began to laugh and laugh and laugh until I was on the platform and he was far out of sight. As the train went by, I saw his slimy face in the window. What's more, I saw sharp fangs poking out of that crude mouth of his. EH?!?! 

"You go to St. Bordeaux's I'm guessing?" I turned and ran straight into another guy. 

"Whoa there, easy," he said. He grasped my shoulders with big, wide hands. 

"Who are you?! What do you WANT?!" I shouted. 

"I'm Jayden... I saw your uniform and knew you were going to the same school... I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you..." I took in his tall, lanky figure. He had hints of a tan, chocolate hair, and warm hazel eyes. He was wearing a St. Bordeaux's uniform, just like me. He's not that guy Liss, relax. The guy with the white fangs... NO I WAS SEEING THINGS STUFF LIKE THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE ALYSSA! I pushed the ridiculous idea out of my minde, after all I had not gotten any sleep since I had arrived. The guy peered at me closely, as if I was a schizophrenic. 

"No! It's my fault, sorry! I'm Alyssa Cross," I told him. I stuck out my hand for a hand shake. A nice, kind smile lit up his pleasant features. 

"It's a pleasure; I'm Jayden, Jayden Rider." 

"Well Jayden, what do you say to heading to orientation together?" 

"I'd love to," he told me. We took a bus and drove through the main part of London. The tall buildings amongst the skyline were gorgeous! We both gawked at the gorgeous sight (turns out we were both Americans and hadn't been out of the country before). I soon found of that Jayden made good company. He was smart, funny, and kind. He is definitely someone I would like to have as a friend this year..., I thought to myself. I learned a lot about him on the multiple bus rides. He was from St. Louis, Missouri, loved Baseball and Snow-boarding, was sixteen (like me!) had a mom, a dad, and two younger twin sisters. He talked about the home he was leaving with so much love and tenderness, it made me envious. I doubted my career-focused dad had even noticed my absence. 

"Next stop: St. Bordeaux's Academy. This academy was built during the Revolutionary War with the United States in 1779 by Thomas and Bridget Montresor. They named it after the virtuous St. Bordeaux who had cured Bridget as a young child," the tour guide said. The doors swiveled back as we got off. 

"Alas, they were not able to enjoy their academy due to an unforeseen tragedy..." the tour guide said as we got off, although I didn't hear the rest. What I saw next was the biggest building I had ever seen in my life, bigger than any of the skyscrapers in my hometown of San Francisco. It had a gothic architecture about it, lavish gardens and fountains displayed in the, and a twelve-foot wrought iron gate that wrapped around all 60 acres of the school. Even though it was crazy beautiful, there was something eerie about it, as if the gnomes and statues were going to come to life and attack you any second. The gargoyles especially I might add. Four guards were stationed at the gate. They took one look at our uniforms and nodded. One of them pulled out a walkie-talkie and said "newbies" into it. The tall gates creaked open. 

"You ready Alyssa?" Jayden asked with a mischievous smile. 

"Of course," I told him. But in reality my instincts were telling me to run far away from here. 

"Ms. Dupont will take your names and give you both your room assignments once you get inside. She's the first and only booth in the main hall. Unfortunately you'll have to get there on your own however, your pre-sent luggage is waiting for you in your rooms. Good luck," the closest guard said. I doubtfully eyed the long road that lead to the main doors of the school. This was going to be the longest walk of my life>:-( 

Walking by ourselves to the front of the school took 45 minutes in total. Luckily, with Jayden, it was actually enjoyable. He was so personable, I felt like I had known him forever. 

We instantly met (and almost ran into) the spitting image of a typical librarian; pointy-nosed, had horn-rimmed glasses, a graying pearl necklace, and her hair piled on her head. 

"Miss Cross, Mr. Rider, I am Ms. Washbrad, the librarian (gee who would have thought?) and the counselor for entering students at this Academy. Take your belongings [she looked disdainfully at my only suitcase] and head to your dorm please. It's E-53 Cross, N-65 Rider," she said in a thick British accent. She walked off without even giving me directions. What a nice "welcoming" counselor, jeez. Jayden and I parted ways as we went off to our separate dorms. 

I pulled my bag along and followed the hallway to the front. I began to hear kids talking and shouting as I moved along, and then I was right with my peers. They all wore their uniforms in an elegant way; stupid rich kids. The room quieted down and they started whispering instead. 

"New student from Brooklyn? We don't need any riff raff!" 

"She's hot and from the ghetto dude! I'll be able to get her digits in no time!" 

"This isn't a social services building, go somewhere else. Maybe you can find a nice box alongside the road?" Everyone laughed at this. A tall, strawberry blonde girl stood in front of me. Her eyes twinkled mischievously as she looked at me. 

"Why don't you get your A-cup bra out of a knot? I've got places I need to be," I snapped. The whole room became enveloped in silence.  

"How dare someone as lowly as yourself insult me? Serena d'Artois? You foolish girl!" Serena took a step forward to slap me, but I ducked and pulled her legs out from under her. A loud thud echoed across the room. Everyone simply stared at me. A couple distressed girls went to Serena's aid, who by the way was on the floor gasping for air . I took my bag and kept moving. To my relief, nobody followed me. I forced myself to put one foot in front of the other and keep walking. I followed the signs above and continued onward. I took a sharp turn which led me out into the courtyard. The bright sun shone into a large fountain, the water sparkled. On top of the statue stood the statue of a tall woman. I had no idea who had sculpted this, but it was magnificent. There was a plaque under the statue it read: "Bridget Montresor. 1748-1783." 

"She died when she was 35 years old," I said out loud. I remembered what the tour guide had said: Alas, they were not able to enjoy their academy due to an unforeseen tragedy... What was the tragedy? 

"So you are the one that's got Serena in a huff, I'm impressed," came a voice. I turned and saw the tall figure of the most handsome guy I had ever laid eyes on.


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