(Later that night)

Me and the guys were all in the livingroom watching TV. It was about 11:00. I yawned.

"You tired?" Ray asked me. I nodded yes. "You can sleep in my room... If you want."

I wrote down in the notebook 'but wer u gonna sleep'

"In my room." He smiled and winked at me. I raised my eyebrows.

(BTW even though it's Roc's house, everybody has their own room becuase his house is so big, so when folks sleep over, they get their own room)

"Ray, leave her alone, she don't want you." Roc commented.

"You make it sound like you like her or something." Prod added.

"N- No... Why would I like her...? She's... Her." Roc said.

I looked at him like what the f---. I gave him a glare and walked upstairs. That really did hurt me... I'm not sure why, I don't... Like him... But that did hurt. I walked into a random room. It was a bedroom, but everything in here was black. It's really how I felt inside.

'Hmm... Black is going to be my new favorite color, I'm gonna go goth... no... punk kinda... or a mixture of both...' I laughed at myself for thinking that. I layed down in the bed. It was nice and comfy. 'haha I've heard of a white room... but never a black room.' I thought to myself. I slid under the covers, I realized I was laying in a water bed. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I dreamnt, that I was back in New York with my best friends Sedaya and Deandre. We went to a concert for some kind of group called... Mindless Behavior. We were all screaming like idiots, then for boys came on stage. I realized who they were, it was Roc, Princeton, Ray, and Prod.

"OMG THEY ARE SOOOO SEXY" Deandre screamed! (Yes Deandre is a boy. Yes, he is gay, you got a problem oh well, he's like my big bro in real life, soooo yeahhh, though he don't really care much for MB, but whatever, oh yeas don't worry he won't end up with one of the guys lol)

"I KNOW RIGHT!" Sedaya screamed.

"This song is for a very special girl, out there. Marie Pogue, come up on the stage!" Roc said on the stage.

Tears filled my eyes. But they were tears of joy. Roc called me up on the stage. He kissed me passionately. Then he sang to me. I felt the tears run down my face. When the song was over, I kissed him, and I told him I loved him. He told me he loved me to, the whole crowd awed.

"GET IT BOOTY!" I heard Deandre yell. That was his and Sedaya's nickname for me. I'm sure why, cause, I have a butt, but not a big one.

"SHHHH JAMES" I yelled into the microphone. James was my nickname for, and Sedaya's was Oovy.

Then, Roc pulled me in one more time and kissed me again. That time, was the most passionately I had ever been kissed.

Then, I woke up.

Ok guys Imma give you a discription of sedaya, aka oovy, and deandre aka james.

Sedaya: She has long hair past her shoulders, she wears glasses, and she has a big nose, but it looks good on her (no homo) she always wears skinny jeans and nothing but hollister, her whole closet is full of it... nuthing but aero and hco lol. She's goofy, she gets along with everyone, she can be a lil perverted sometimes... ok all da time... but who cares cause me and her are exactly alike. she always makes you laff. also, she is 14.

Deandre: Deandre... You could never call him handsome, but you could call him pretty, in a girly way. He is actualy a beautiful black boy lol.haaa he really is beautiful tho, like his perfect always flawless skin and his feautures are just beautiful, lol he even has curves i aint know i guy could get, s---, he could make you jealous with that. sum1 actually walked up to him and said that to him, trust me, if he wasn't gay, i'd be all over him lol. (i swear ther is some sexy bi/gay guys in my school is always the good looking one that just gay tho lol) He is a hopeless romantic, a pervert lol, he falls in love, and he when he gets is heart broken, he's just like a normal girl would be, he'll cry his eyes out, he's like a girl, but in a guys body. He always wheres HCO and aero... He he the perfect best friend, for anybody, but ther are those homophobic ppl that I have had to cuss out *cough* TROY WASHINGTON *cough cough* best belive he neva sed anotha word to deandre, and when he's not wearing his hco and aero, he has the best taste in clothes ever, also, he is 15.

I tell you this, cause eventually, i will put them in the story more, so I want you to know about them, also, if you homophobic, den you need to leave or get the f--- ova it cuz im not i support gay pride even tho im not gay or bi... im 100% strate!!!

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