Bella P.O.V.

Edward let us borrow his volvo to meet the other kids from school at Mike Newton's parents store then drive down to La push, I'm driving there and Mara's gunna drive us back home, after we ate breakfast at 6am we still had 6 hours to kill before we had to be at Newton's store, I just read my favorite book 'Wuthering Heights' while Mara played 'Just Dance 3' with Emmett, I ended up watching them because they were just so distracting

Edward and Jasper must have thought the same because they were sitting on the couch next to me laughing at Emmett who was getting his butt kicked by a 18 year old girl!, I've never heard Emmett yell so many profanities, eventually mom intervened just after Mara beat Emmett for the 18th time he was on the floor whining like a baby to bad we had to leave and miss what his punishment was oh well guess I'll ask Jasper, Alice, or Edward later

Everyone told us to be safe and wished us good luck, and we were on our way, When we got to Newton's store everyone else was there already except Lauren Mallory and Jessica Stanley, while we were waiting I read a book while Mara found out from Mike who was riding with who in which cars, Lauren and Jessica to the beach but she convinced Ben & Angela to ride with us back,

Oh yay I'm soooo excited to ride with Lauren and Jessica to the beach "Note the Sarcasm", That's when they came to Newton't store not even 2 minutes after Mara got done telling Mike that Ben and Angela were taking Lauren and Jessica's places on the way back, they went up to Mike to find out who they were riding with they looked disgusted that they had to ride with us,

'Good we felt the same way' Mara came up to the Volvo and got in the drivers side while Lauren & Jessica cames strutting up to the Volvo

Mara- "Ugh greeeeeeat first we have to ride to then beach with these dumbo twins, ithen we have to deal with a bunch of shapeshifting wannabe werewolf's"

Me- *Sigh* "Well I guess just make small talk or we can just ignore them, which should we do?"

Mara- "I prefer the second option"

Me- "Me too, we can always ignore them by turning up the radio, all of Edward and our stuff is in the trunk right?"

Mara- "Yah It's all in the trunk, Let's put some rock 'n' roll on full blast so that we can ignore them"

Me- "Okay, hopefully we can ignore them the whole time were at La Push Beach, and keep up a good act if we run into the wolf boys"

Mara- "Yah no joke, this is gunna be a loooooooooooooong day!"

Me- "Uh huh no kiddin"

Thats when Jessica and Lauren came up to the car and got in the backseat

Lauren- "OMG BELLA, MARA, How are you?!?!"

Jessica- "Yah how are you two?"

Mara- "Were Fine"

Me- 'Mumbles' "I'm Fine"

Lauren- "Well were just going to have to catch up and hang out together on the beach"

Jessica- "Definitely"

Mara- "Sorry but were gunna go exploring with Ben and Angela we talked about it the other day and it would be awfully rude to cancel on them"

Lauren- "Oh thats to bad, but if you have free time before we have to leave we should......Catch up"

Mara- "Maybe"

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