Chapter 9: Training (day 1)

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I walk over to the knife throwing station. There Glimmer, the girl from district ,  joins me. She is our ally along with Marvel, her district partner, and Nelson the boy from 4.

"Hey there" she says in her annoying voice. "Hi, do you want to watch me throw?" I asked waiting and trying to seem like I care. "Oh great, I love training" she giggles. That's it I hate her already well at least her personality.

Soon I'm at the front of the knife throwing station. The instructor for this station Maverick hands me 8 knives.

"Good luck" he says kidding, expecting me to be bad.

I throw the first knife at a still dummie and it hits it right in the heart. I only smirk at him and continue to throw at still and moving dummies alike. All of them perfect shots. When I'm done I smirk at Maverick and go to the side to watch Glimmer. She did alright. She missed 1 completely, hit 4 near the stomach, hit 1 in the brain, hit one on it's shoulder and the last one finally hit near the chest. She squealed and walked towards me.

"Did you see my 5 lethal shots" she says almost bursting with excitement. I only smirk. More like 3 lethal shots. Compared to all 8. Good luck beating that. I think.

We walk over to the spears where Marvel and Cato were talking about spear heads. I sit next to Cato and kissed his cheek. I can tell that this bothers Glimmer but he's mine so deal.

"Awwwww" she said trying to mask her envy.

"Yeah, this is my Clover" Cato says sweetly. I don't think he noticed the envy in her eyes. At our lunch break me and Cato sit on one side of the Career table and Glimmer and Marvel on the other.

"So do you think Thresh could be useful?" Marvel asks.

"Yeah but I don't want to deal with the girl" Glimmer replies.

"Why not, she could be useful. We never know" I say. Cato can tell I didn't like Glimmer. He grabs my hand and squeezes it tightly. 

"What about 12, allies?" Marvel adds trying to change the subject. I don't know if he knows what was going on but it got really awkward.

"Maybe the boy, but I don't think the girl is 'trustworthy'"I reply trying to return things to normal.

"He could lead us to her" Cato adds "That's a great idea" Glimmer says trying to get on his good side.

After that the day goes by pretty fast. I tried and failed at mace throwing. I was okay at bow-arrow shooting. I got 5 arrows. 3 were lethal shots and 2 were just damaging. I watched Cato slice the heads of of dummies. I also watched as Marvel hit every target with his spears.

We went back to our 'apartment' and had dinner. It was probably the best dinner that I have had in the Capitol. It was a combination beef and lamb stew and some sides. For dessert we had parfaits.

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