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Lost in a land of books and alphabets, we often find ourselves quite naive when it comes to extensive vocabulary and the meanings hidden behind them. Reading all those sentences with strange collections of same old letters, we end up with our noses between the pages of our second grade Oxford dictionary and kill the vibe of the ongoing story just to comprehend it in its true essence. Now don't we?

So why not improve our vocabulary instead of digging into the dictionary again and again? :)

Here, I present you a gradual but guaranted way to develop your vocabulary over the passage of time. This book is meant to introduce unique and new words that have the same old meanings but will grasp your attention in no time.

Come on. How many of you know the synonyms of 'smell' or do you end up writing 'smell' over and over in the whole book?

Ever heard of 'scent'? Yeah.
And 'fragrance'? Yeah.
'Odour' too? Hmmm.
What about 'aroma'? Yup?
'Perfume'? Yes lovelies, it's not just a bottle filled with scented liquid but 'perfume' itself is a noun that is used to define a pleasant fragrance. :)

Okay. These were common. No?

So what about 'incense'? Nopes? Nopes.

'Incense' is a pleasing scent exhaled from some spices and gums when burnt. ♥♡ You knew that? Genius you! *-*

And have you ever heard of 'redolence'? Sounds familiar? Yeah, dear ones, 'redolence' is an often pungent or agreeable odour. :)

But this is not all. Are things only meant to smell good? Nay. What about the bad smells?

What about those socks that always seem to get lost? You won't describe them as redolent, will you? ;)

So ever heard of 'stink'?
And 'reek'?
Oh and 'stench'? Yeah. Common much. Right? :)

But what about 'fetor'? And 'malodor'? Nopes? Well..both of these words mean 'a strong offensive smell'. Glad to be of service, guys! :)

So let's move on to the crux (central point) of this introduction. This book brings you a light of hope to improve your vocabulary by introducing unique words for common things you experience everyday. Excited? Let's bring it on then! :)

One word per day with its meaning. Simple? Why not? :)

It's slow but effective. I hope you benefit the most from it. Stick with me in this journey adorned (decorated) with interesting words and I'll keep you entertained! ^-^

Thankyou! ♥♡

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