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Fixing the Broken One


-- is a story I wrote a long time ago when I first made an account on this holy place, I was probably twelve or eleven years old (now I'm fourteen). I do realize that this story is far from perfect and it does contain a lot of mistakes, from spelling, grammar, and many others. I decided to edit the chapters one by one, but of course, it will take me a while to complete it.

For old readers: please be patient because I'm juggling on whether to continue this book or not and school because my grades are also important. I would be more than happy i you could restart the story, since there are a lot of changes from its original storyline.

For new readers: hello! I'm glad that you've chosen this story amongst many other BroCon fanfiction out there. Some chapters will not make sense, so I suggest you read until the chapters that I've marked as edited (the list will be shown down below).

I would like to apologize in advance if this book doesn't match the four seasons Japan has. I'm living in a two seasons country and sometimes I may forget this kind of thing, so this book won't clearly mention seasons like summer, spring, etc.

As we all know, the Brothers Conflict anime's episodes happen with a lot of time skips and holes. The events happening in the story takes place on the times that the anime episodes didn't cover.

If my writing style seems inconsistent, please note that I'm still learning and that the book is edited in a long period of time. That's why my writing style can change during those times.

C H A P T E R * L I S T

I. Hellish

II. Adonis

III. Let Me Try

IV. Hard Workers

V. Coldness

VI. Hell Hath No Fury

VII. Beauty

VIII. Winter-Like Eyes

IX. Seeking Warmth

X. Bullets of Words

XI. Whisper of Storm

XII. No Moonlight


Brothers Conflict and all of its characters do not belong to me. The only thing I take credit for is the plot, main character, and graphics I will use in the story. But, resources I used in the graphic do not belong to me.

For the current cover: Resources are from SoClosePSD via DeviantArt

Happy Reading~!

xx seira

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