CE 1: All you Need is Sweets

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Intro: Hiya minna!!! Since I'm joining quite a few cover contests know, I thought I should make a book^.^

If you see this sign: ☆ , that means that I've placed a rank in that contest. Also, just to let you know if you see an entry that didn't have a star at first but then it did, it's just because you post your entries before the deadline so you don't know who'll win until after the date that your graphic is due.

Lastly, all images belong to their respectful owners!!

WARNING!: All cover entries till entry seven are pretty bad ^^'


Okay so at the moment most of the entries I've done are in my graphic shop soooo yeah. Anyways, here was the first cover entry I made!!

This was for ShadowWitch16 :

This was for ShadowWitch16  :

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