Chapter 8: The New Garden Escape

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"I love my room but I'd still rather be at home" I reply.

"It is nice, but I agree with Clove it's just cozy-er at home" Cato chimes in. I smile and continue eating.

"Tomorrow you start training so be up bright and early" Enobaria adds. I smile and spread honey-butter on my bread. When we finish we all head into the Living room area. I sit next to Cato (of course). We watch the Tribute Parade on the teleprojector. No one really stands out. Except for us and... 

"What is that" I yell, furious.

"That's district 12. the coal mining district" Enobaria states.

"They stole our thunder. Ohh of course they just catch fire. Yeah that's perfect." I scream. Now I am pretty sure the whole mansion can hear me.

"Calm down" Cato says in a soothing voice. 

"I can't calm down." I state. "Not when they're stealing our sponsors".

I storm out of the room. I head to my room but then a strong hand catches grip of my arm. I can tell it's Cato.

"I don't want to talk" I exclaim.

"We don't have to talk" he says with his most calming voice. "Just follow me." he leads me through hallways and up a bunch of flights of stairs. When we finally arrive he covers my eyes. I can hear a door being opened. He pushes me forward and releases me. We are on some kind of patio or garden. 

"It's amazing" I say taking a seat on one of the two chairs.

"I call it the Garden Escape." he says.

We talk for a while nothing that really stands out or is important. We make the long trek back to our floor. When we arrive he lead me to my door.

"You room m'lady" he says sounding exactly like Wilma.

"Thank you sir" I reply attempting again at a Capitol accent. He only chuckles. He kisses me goodnight and closes the door.

I slip on my pjs and hop into bed. I grab my knife slide it under my pillow and drift to sleep. There are no particular dreams just bits and pieces. I awake to an alarm most likely set by Wilma. I get up and throw on the training gear left on my desk.

When I am ready I put my hair on a high pony-tail and walk towards the Dining room. We have our breakfast of bacon, eggs plus biscuits and gravy. Once we're done we hop the elevator and go down two floors to enter the training center.

We are greeted by Atala, the head trainer for the Games.

"Welcome tributes" blah blah blah no fighting,rules, rules, rules. And may the odds be ever in your favor" Atala states. 

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