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"aww i love you guys, you're the best" i said feeling the love, literally

"we love you too dom" kev and dan said squeezing us tighter

"alright now i can't breathe" mama shana said

everyone laughed and got out the circle

"ahhh trinaaaaa" i said smiling and giving her a huge hug

i just get so happy everytime i see trina, she's the best bestfriend i could ever ask for

"aww what's up dom" she said hugging me back

"nothing much, just chillin with my baby, my other baby and my baby's family" i said pointing at dev jr, then dev, and then dev's fam

"YEOOO WHERES THE FOOD AT" daniel started yelling and walking around the house

"i wonder who's manz that is" trina said

"yeah me too" i said laughing

right after that mini convo trina and i had dev jr started to cry

"aww my baby is upset, it's probably danny's fault because he was yelling" i said picking up dev jr and rocking him side to side

"it's alright, uncle keviekev can save the day" kev said taking dev jr into his arms

right when dev jr was in kevs arms he stopped crying immediately, everyone's face was in shock.

"what are you a baby whisperer?" daniel said chewing on some food he finally found

"HANNN" kev said loudly

then dev jr started to cry again

"welp looks like the baby whisperer isn't a baby whisperer after all" jazzy said

"lemme see my baby" dev said

"aww you wanna hold me" i said to dev playing around

"mhmm" dev said smirking and looking at me

"boy stop being nasty i know you meant dev jr" i said laughing

dev went up to kev and took dev jr from him and rocked him from side to side. soon after dev jr fell asleep. it was so cute to see  my baby boy in my baby's arms. he's such a great dad already.

"im gunna go take dev jr upstairs, come with me dom" dev said whispering

"okay" i said whispering

"wait can i do it" mama shana said whispering

"mom can you do it next time because this is my first time doing it" dev said whispering, smiling and staring at dev jr

"yeah dev, go ahead" mama shana said whispering &!smiling

we both walked into our room and placed dev jr in his bed together. it's a memory that i will always remember.

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