Hello! So here it is... my newest story! I'm excited and I've had fun writing this so far.

Just a side note: yes, I am aware this story's plot line is probably a little cliché. I know that, so DON'T leave me a comment saying it's unoriginal. If you actually take the time to read on, you'll know I've added as much of my own quirkiness and twists as I can to give my own spin on it!

Happy reading!


“Please stand for the arrival of the bride.”

            That was my cue. After a short pause, I smoothed down the pale pink skirt of my old bridesmaid dress before starting to slowly walk the length of Connor’s garden. A small bunch of daisies were gripped in my hand as a makeshift bouquet. I passed the row of cushions we’d set out – occupied mostly by stuffed animals of various species, as well as mine and Connor’s moms, who, after some persuasion, had eventually agreed to attend our wedding ceremony.

            Connor was standing at the front, his dad’s old suit jacket reaching way past his knees. It looked ridiculous on him, and I wanted to giggle as soon as I caught sight of him, but it was the closest thing we could find to a tuxedo. I continued walking until I reached him, the both of us standing in front of my older brother, Brandon, who had been bribed to act as the priest.

            A very reluctant one, but nonetheless a priest.

            “We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Connor Murphy and Georgie Howard,” he said, monotonously reading off the piece of paper we’d written out for him.

            I grinned at my best friend, who was standing next to me, as he returned the smile. His gap-toothed grin was his proud memento of the tooth fairy’s latest visit, and had become so familiar I could barely remember him having two front teeth.

            “If anyone present has any objection to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

            A short silence followed. Although I was fully aware this wasn’t a real wedding, I still felt relief when none of the stuffed animals or our moms spoke.

            Brandon rolled his eyes before turning to Connor. “Can we have the rings, please?”

            Since Connor was an only child and I lacked any other siblings, he had to play the part of both the best man and the groom – however messed up it seemed. It didn’t really matter, though; as long as he kept the “rings” safe inside the pocket, the wedding was fine to continue.

            He dug a hand into the jacket’s pocket, retrieving two orange Haribo rings. Despite being made of nothing more than sugar and cheap gelatin, the both of us stared down at them as if they were made of glittering gold. I shifted my gaze from the sweets in his hand to his face, grinning when I caught sight of his shining chocolate brown eyes.

            I held my hand out and he gripped it gently, placing the ring at the tip of my finger.

            “I, Connor Murphy, take Georgie Howard to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold from this day forward… for better or worse… for richer or for poorer… in sickness and in health… to love and to cherish… till death do us part,” he said, repeating intermittently after Brandon.

            I stared at my ring-clad finger, feeling my heart flutter inside my chest. Sure, this wasn’t a real ring, nor a real wedding, but it felt the same. And one day – far, far into the future – this would be happening. I’d have a proper dress – one white and glittery and flowing – and Connor would have a tux, and the two of us would exchange gold rings whilst promising truthfully to love and cherish each other for the rest of our lives.

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