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You wake up the next morning with the clothes you wore yesterday on. You moan and get up from your bed. You Zombie Walk to your bathroom and take a shower. When you get out Logan is waiting for you on your bed

Logan- Hey sleeping beauty, how are you feeling?

You- *yawn* tired still, I can't wake up

Logan- don't worry, you will in a little bit

You- why...

Logan- Uhmm you guys are doing a song with Gustavo today so

You hurry to the bathroom and comb your hair super fast. Then put on your make up as fast as you have ever done it

Logan- babe, slow down it's not until, oops yeah let's go now

You both run to roque records and see that everyone is already there, Gustavo is the only one late

James- Jeez, what took you guys so long

Logan- I had to wake her up pretty much

Kendall- Well... im going outside for a bit

Jessica- Ashlynn is already waiting in the booth

You look inside and see Ashlynn on her phone waiting for everyone. You laugh and tell her to come outside of the booth. She slowly gets up and sits on the couch

Ash- where is he?!

James- we have no idea, he might just be at his mansion

Gustavo- or he might have been in traffic, dogs get in the booth

The boys got into the booth and sang

Once they were done singing all the girls were clapping. They all came out and bowed. Logan came up to you and was about to say something until Gustavo disturbed you guys

Gustavo- Girls, your turn

All they girls ran in and sang

Once you were all done singing everyone was clapping, but Kendall was just looking down and smiling

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