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Amber Heard as Cassidy "Cass" Tyler

Chris Hemsworth as Staff Sgt. Marcus Tyler

G Hannelius as Grace Tyler

Scarlett Johannson as Jaclynn "Jax" Martin

Jensen Ackles as Sgt. Derek Collins

Alex Pettyfer as Sgt. Asher Martin

Adelaide Kane as Amelia Collins

Tyrese Gibson as West Forester

Jeremy Renner as Leo Forester

Hello everyone who paid attention to this!!! I know first chapters that are informational are annoying as hell. My name is Kacey!! This is my first Walking Dead Fan Fiction and I'm super excited but also nervous and kinda feeling sick. Like hello TWD fandom of Wattpad. I'm here. Please don't kill me but I've noticed some consistencies with almost all of the Walking Dead fan fictions and *takes deep breath* I am going to be different. You'll find out how if you continue to read my story but it won't be dramatically different. Like I won't give Hershel a Mohawk and Daryl a man bun. But I'm a writer and I make things so.... Yeah that made no sense.

Keep reading and enjoy!!! Thanks so much!!

<3 Kacey <3

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