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Hi, guys! 

Welcome to Dominantly Yours. I'm glad you're here! A brief note before you get started: 

As of 12/6/16, DY is officially undergoing round two edits. Because of this, you might experience a few changes as you read. There shouldn't be too much, you will still be able to read through normally without any issues. 

That being said, I'd love it if you'd point out anything you notice that sounds off, any grammar mistakes, or obvious plot issues. I'll be going through comments as I go to find things you all caught that I didn't. 

*As a weird side reminder, writers go through many many drafts when working. Because of this, even after round two edits are done, I'd love to hear suggestions or have mistakes pointed out! I'm only human and can't catch everything but if we, as many humans, work together I think we'll be on the right track. 

Thanks so much!

Happy reading :D

With Love, 


P.S. I am a member of Wattpad Futures, so if you're reading this on mobile there will be ads. Thank you for helping make what I love to do more practical ^.^ 

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