Chapter 1 (Dawn)

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     My name is Dawn and I may be one of the last humans alive not captured by them. But I'm not alone, my friend, Eva, and her brother, Dax, are with me. We grew up together, Dax and I. He and Eva lived down the street from me before the Mutants started to take over.
     They spread like a wildfire, destroying everyone and everything in their path. If you don't have mutant blood running in your veins they will kill you; Or worse take you prisoner.
    I've often had nightmare just thinking about the things they could be doing to them, but I hope we never find out. The hunting fact that no-one has ever been able to escape from them, keeps me up at night.
     Mutants have been around for as long as I remember, but they weren't always so hostile. Humans and mutants lived in peace once, but that seems like a lifetime ago.
     All around me are familiar places, but I feel out of place, lost even. Why do things have to be this way. How did everything get so mixed up? Will things ever go back to normal.
     We are held up in a gas station long ago abandoned, or perhaps invaded. A thought crossed my mind when we first arrived, the employees, were they humans or mutants was there blood and betrayal? Friend turn on friend?
     We need to find other survivors, soon or we will be out of food. Food and supplies are scarce nowadays because the Rebels take anything and everything.
     I can barley remember what life was like before brother turned on brother. I was 12 years old when they took my mother away from me. I can still remember the night that they killed her. She used her own body to shield me from the white piercing light that came through the window. I could hear my mother screaming in agony as she pulled me tighter into her. The light was so bright I felt like I was going to go blind, my ears started to ring. Then, all at once, everything went dark and silent.
     I woke up in my dark living room with something heavy weighing down on my back. I looked over my shoulder and met a sight I wish I wouldn't have seen. It was my mothers lifeless eyes staring back at me. I screamed and cried so much that night that my throat felt raw. Why would they kill her; she never did anything to anybody; but why didn't they take my life with hers.
     I was left alone in this new world, to fend for myself.
     Dax nudged me out of my thoughts and pointed to a sleeping Eva in the corner on a couple or blankets we found in abandoned houses. He handed me a piece of jerky then went and laid down next to his sister, leaving a spot for me, just in case I wanted to sleep tonight.
     I met up with Dax and Eva the same night my mother was killed.
     There was a knock on my front door followed by a Loud bang, it took me a while to get enough courage to open it.
     When I stepped in front of the door the banging speed. Who ever was outside knew I was here.
     I opened the door slowly and was surprised to see the boy from down the street carrying a crying five year old, with tears of his own running down his face.
     I waved them inside being careful not to let them see my mother's lifeless body in the other room. I led them to the kitchen and say down at the table.
     "What's going on?" It was Dax who broke the silence. I didn't answer his question, what would I say, a white light killed my mom? He would think I was crazy, or did the same thing happen to his parents?
     We have talked about that night one other time, but 5 years later, he told me what happened to his parents, and I told him about my mom.
     Him and his little sister were getting ready for bed when it happened. He said that a man in a black hoodie came in through the back door and killed his mother first, she was washing the dinner dishes. The man touched her cheek and she fell to the ground. Dax described it as the hooded man drain the life right out of her. Her skin list it's color and her cheeks sunk in.
     His dad was watching tv at the time he heard his wife's body hit the ground, he went to check on her and got touched by "death" in the process.
     Dax picked up his little sister and climbed out his bedroom window and Beat on every door until someone answered, and luckily I did.
     The Sun is coming up over the horizon soon we are going to have to get out of here to find supplies and maybe other survivors that could be hiding out there. For now, I arm going to get some sleep and make some plans in the morning.

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