Part 1 - The Cruden Tale Introduction to Leyanne

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November 27th 2016

My name is Leyanne Cruden, I have graced these lands for what feels like an eternity. I have lived through some of the worst and best decades and now I find myself in present day with you. I carry this journal wherever I go to record my thoughts and feelings, my memories so that my mind can let go of the mundane but yet never lose a way to reminisce. 

I have practised in the arts since my birth to my mortal mother, I was born with a knowledge she never possessed and abilities that terrified her. My father was non existent, a travelling high priest known as a Druwit, in modern times you refer to them as druids. Little is known to why he chose to bear a child with a mortal or what my purpose may have been, for along the way I have yet to find it. 

I am alone. 

Only one of my kind and although I have travelled near and far in an effort to find others like me or even remnants of the druids I find nothing but fakes and mimics. People who want to be what I am, who convince themselves they have gifts and powers, but when faced with someone like me they soon pale in comparison. Witch craft is a dying art and those of you who still possess power have lost the knowledge to harness it in any meaningful way.

The beings you were once so afraid of now hide in the shadows and the cracks out of sight. You have no idea what dwells in your world with your little fairy stories and movies about dark monsters you think stemmed from bed time stories. I know better, I can see all that would rip your little world apart yet I am untouchable. Nothing can harm me in this world, I have been graced with a power that so far is unmatched in any realm of this little planet. 

I have researched the lineage of my father and find nothing to point me in any direction that may be of help. Conspiracy theorists believed they were of another planet, who stopped by to grace us with knowledge and ideology, but I find nothing to back this up.

Here I am now, walking among you in a small southern town in the United States of America; I have travelled from my birth place in the highlands of Scotland many times, I have travelled the world and always find myself back here. My gut tells me that somehow , the something I have been looking for all this time is manifesting in the warmer climates and southern accents around me. My powers brought me across the sea yet I'm still searching for where I am supposed to go. 

I am staying in a small guesthouse run by a family called the Clairmont's, I have been here before, almost 200 years ago when this land was farmed by the Clairmont's of olde; I find it amusing to see the similarity in the faces that greet me now. I often wonder if I resemble the man who never stayed to lay eyes upon me and burdened me with this eternal life on a lost path.

I guess I should really tell you a little of who I am and how I look if we are to continue this journey within the pages together, I know these are things you will wonder as you read this and learn of things that may boggle your mind, I have no doubts that one day I will pass and these journals will be a learning experience for someone, so here we go. 

I reached an age of maturity along the way, I cannot say when I stopped ageing as I am not sure, I don't know if it was something I did to myself or something I was destined to always be. I look young , yet old enough to be a mother. I'm tall and slender and have dark hair that hangs down my back with light curling of the ends, hair I guess I inherited from my mother. I am of ivory skin and dark brown eyes with green flecks. I am neither beautiful, nor ugly, I am average, considering the abilities I possess. Maybe I could have changed how I look if I was so inclined but maybe I am meant to blend in. Either way, I gain enough male attention on my travels yet not so much as to be a hindrance. I have a darkness inside of me that translates to humans as sexuality, if only they had the sense to take it as a warning to steer clear instead of flocking to me with hopes of amour. 

I can wither plants and trees with a look, I can bring about a tornado with a glare. I can heal but I can also take life away if I see fit and I have a heart that can do either without remorse. I have no idea which path they would consider me to be on, light or dark as I do not even know myself if I am someone you would call good or evil. I don't kill unless I have to, I heal when I feel compelled. Emotions are not my strong point and up until now I have been happy with my solitary lifestyle. 

Don't get me wrong, I am no virgin, I have had companions in my past. Those who followed me and did as I asked , I have never needed to form stronger bonds other than physical with men for what would be the point?  Anyone who links a life to me soon withers and dies over the years and I am left alone once more. My last lover died some 30 years ago, he had grown old and tiresome and although he confessed to love me I felt nothing but relief when I walked away. I left him when he no longer appealed to me and years later when I learned of his death I felt no sadness for his passing. I think there is maybe a part of me that is broken inside and what I see around me of love and happiness never seems to touch me. Maybe this is how I am meant to be for when my purpose reveals itself maybe I need to be the one with a foot on each side of dark and light to be able to do what needs to be done.

 Maybe this is how I am meant to be for when my purpose reveals itself maybe I need to be the one with a foot on each side of dark and light to be able to do what needs to be done

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