Author's Note

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To all the kind humans out there, this note does not concern you.

After this book became popular, I've had a lot of good comments, but along with them were some comments that forced me to add this note.

First thing, this was my first story here on Wattpad and a first ever complete story that I wrote. So there will be typos, plot holes, errors, and mistakes. If my inexperience and typos are enough to turn you off, then you are free to discontinue right now.

Also, this book is a product of MY imagination. The characters do and say things as per as MY fancy. And hence, there will be times that you might not agree or like something my characters do or say. Sometimes, the plot may change in a way you did or did not want. So please keep that in mind before you head on.

The one thing a reader should understand that this is fiction. Which means imagination. Which is boundless and different for each person. You cannot have expectations when you read someone else's imagination. The characters in this book are mine. You cannot direct the imagination of my characters to take a turn or voice a thought that you like.

You are free to criticize this book positively but telling me that this is a basic teen fiction story doesn't count. You are supposed to read and not tell me how I 'should have' sculpted my imagination. Positive feedback is appreciated. Debasing my work is not.

Also, a lot of people assume that this book is a bad boy story whereas I don't agree with that. Because my male protagonist is nowhere shown doing stuff a typical bad boy does. Right from the start till the end, he is a decent guy. So this is NOT a bad boy story.

It's about two teenagers- which you are obviously going to find very similar like other books but what else did you expect when you picked a 'Teen Fiction' book? It maybe a basic story that you think you have read a thousand times before, but please don't jump to conclusions before reaching the end. Every writer writes something different. A mix of emotions and events that you cannot say are copied. This book and my characters go through emotions and events that I promise are not copied from anywhere. You may find the same background but its totally different!

With this being said, I hope you enjoy a basic yet different story about two teenagers and how they find love. For love stories (mostly) begin with two young people, struggling with their own disheveled puzzles and how they realize what perfect picture they make when they get together!

And I am not sorry if this book doesn't fall under your definition of 'different' because I am not apologizing for wording my fantasies!

With all important being said, I hope you all enjoy this book and its characters. Much love, Anna.

P.S- Please be aware of these mirror sites like 'Truyenfun' that literally copy Wattpad stories and post them on their site. They are likely to contain malware that can harm your devices. Wattpad is aware and is working on resolving the issue.

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