Chapter Fourteen

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1:25 AM

"I'm so sorry baby... I didn't wanna hurt you," Was what Mason repeatedly mumbled to me over and over again as he laid me down on his bed. "Jelissa I'm sorry baby," He kissed down my neck while he worked on unbuttoning my skirt. "Get off of me," I pushed at him trying to turn on my side but he flipped me right back over on my back. I didn't want it, I didn't want to be here in this moment. My warm tears made my cheek tingle and I just looked up towards the ceiling.


I creeped in the house after a long night at the studio around 2:30. To be honest I had fallen asleep while waiting to see if Jelissa was gonna text me or not so I didn't get much done. Her being with dude, Mason, left me on edge. If half of what I'd heard Amber and Emone talking about was true then I'd want Jelissa to have nothing to do with him, because that's my potna y'know? I kicked the cat, Marley on my way up the stairs. Nut ass cat was always getting in the way, man.

While walking past my mother's room I tried to stay as quiet as could be. I ain't wanna wake her up and I ain't wanna scare her. "August? That you baby?" I rolled my eyes as I let out a sigh and backtracked, "Ma'am?" I asked peeking my head into her dark room. A little light peeked in through the window from the streetlights, but it still wasn't enough for me to see her face. "You getting in late, what you was working or something?" She pushed and I shook my head even though I knew she couldn't see me.

"I was at the stu. Momma I told you, I'm workin' on getting another job aight? That thing at the stadium was just a summer thing. We gone get you some new medicine soon. Goodnight." I turned to walk away as she went, "Mmhmm. I told yo ass you need to stop spending all that damn time at the studio. Worry about takin care of yo momma, your music ain't gone go no where." I kissed my teeth as I sat on my mattress and pulled my shoes off my feet. After undressing I was finally able to lay down.

I plugged my phone in and stared at my screen, still hoping to get a text from Jelissa. But one from Shante had come through instead. I furrowed my brow as I opened my iMessages.

I thought after those last words I would be knocked out, but my mind was still stuck on Jelissa

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I thought after those last words I would be knocked out, but my mind was still stuck on Jelissa. It might seem crazy, but I just feel uneasy. A part of me agreed with Amber about leaving the situation alone until Jelissa was ready to leave ole dude. But the other part of me knew that wasn't right. I felt inclined to care for her.


I sat on the edge of Jelissa's bed on the phone with Keenan. I'd been calling her since her curfew which was around 11:00 PM and I had still yet to get an answer. If I knew her well enough, then I knew she was with Mason. Which might I add is a relationship I wouldn't like to see be rebuilt. Keenan hushed me to keep me from talking over him, "Geez woman, can I get a word in?" He asked as I slipped my thumb between my teeth to shut myself up. Then Keenan finally spoke up.

"Stay at your parents tonight. She gotta come home sometime ard? Just stay there and wait for her. Don't ask her about it at first, see if she'll tell you the truth." I let out a whine, "But what if she's with Mason? The last thing I want is for her to have to go through that again." Keenan agreed with me, "I know and I feel the same way. Maybe in a couple of days you should sit down and have a heart to heart with her. See what's going on in her head." He said I couldn't agree more.

"You're right..." I told him in a sigh, "I just wish you were here to hold me and help me out... All of this new responsibility isn't easy you know? I never really kept tabs on her like this." Keenan responded, "I know and I'm gonna start helping you soon... I just... I don't know it doesn't feel like it's the right time." I shook my head as I left Jelissa's room and made my way down to my bedroom in the basement.

"Well don't wait too long, I'm not sure how much of this I can take by myself," I told Keenan as I laid down in my bed. "I know, just relax though babe. I'm sure things with Jelissa will start looking up soon, okay?" I told him okay, and we stayed on the phone until I could fall asleep.

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