I'm not the same kid I was 10 years ago. I bet the younger version of myself would be very disappointed, but it's not like I'm a bad person or anything.

When I was younger I had 4 friends the kind of friends that you would think would be friends forever because of how close we were but once freshman year started we all slowly drifted apart.

Sometimes I miss them and sometimes I forget that we were even friends in the first place.

When we pass each other sometimes we will give the other a friendly smile or just ignore each other completely.

We are all so different from each other, it's probably why we aren't friends anymore.

There's me Hazel I guess you could call me the outcast because I don't care about fitting in and yeah I get in trouble a lot but I'm not a bad person .

Next is Ruby. The good girl of our group the quiet one, I don't even think she's even had a boyfriend. she's a straight A student and has never gotten into trouble in her life. She's always felt like a little sister to me even though we are the same age.

And Felix the golden boy, who of course is the quarterback of our high school football team and dating a female version of himself. We are actually neighbors, when we were little he would always climb through my window at night and we would talk for hours about kids stuff but now we ignore each other completely.

And the other boy in the group Trevor is adorable, geeky, nerdy and comic book obsessed, he's adorably awkward but has a tough time talking to girls and also extremely clumsy even though we aren't friends anymore I try and keep a eye out for him with bully's.

And last but not least our glue of our group or I guess was, even though none of us talk to the other anymore but we always give a little smile when we see Daisy coming down the hall. She's almost perfect, everyone loves her she has the perfect life and she makes everyone feel specials and she's everyone's friend, it makes you feel special when she choses you as a friend.

I still don't know why we all drifted apart maybe if we hadn't we would of turned out different and this never would happened

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