Chapter 1

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AN: This my friends is a sugar daddy au. If you don’t know what that is, Urban dictionary is your friend. Needless to say this will have SMUT! LOVELY GLORIOUS LEMONS! If you don’t like readable gay porn y the fu u here boi? Any ways I really hope you enjoy, I always appreciate comments. So please sit back comment I’m a hoe and enjoy the ride!

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I was sick of him the moment he stepped foot in here. Red dyed hair, gelled up almost in a volcanic shape. It sickened me to no end; he sickened me to no end. He was swarmed by every girl in the entire damn bar. The bar I had been working at for the duration of my college years. Most people wouldn't make a mental image Marco Diaz, the high school “safety kid,” as a bar waiter. But hey, the pay was good, and I could kick out whoever I wanted; Well everyone with a good reason to, or else Mr.Hotshot here would have been on the curb a long time ago. Guys like him bugged me, oozing confidence, think they're hot shit, and only use women for their bodies. God he irked me, everything about him screamed douche bag. Speaking of the devil, now he was sauntering right up to me. Just my luck. Now that he wasn't smothered in his army of shallow whores, I could see his face. A fine pointed jaw line set his angular face. He wore deep black eyeliner that made some kind of freak joker pattern, but it framed his almost wine colored eyes. The smirk he wore screamed overconfident. His red torn shirt stretched over what I could only guess was fine taut muscle. Leather pants firmly cupped the narcissists legs and...nether regions. “What do you want” I chirped trying not to let the annoyance into my voice.

“Well I came over here for another drink, but if you keep eyeing me like that, I may just ask for a good time.”  The elder snickered, very obviously looking me over. I couldn't help but squirm uncomfortably under his gaze. Heat pooled to my cheeks as I quickly turned on my heel.

As I tried to keep myself from karate chopping him, I decided I had to keep this professional. “What drink can I get for you?” My voice wavering slightly as I spoke.

He winked as he practically purred “Depends what time do you get off sweetheart?” Ew. In response I just turned, rolling my eyes at him. Jeez, and I thought this guy was annoying far away. “I'll take a Irish car bomb.” He crooned.

As I mixed his drink, I could feel his gaze raking over my body. He was a creep through and through. An attractive creep, but a creep nonetheless. Once his drink was mixed, I handed it to him, praying he would go back to his harem.Yet this guy had the audacity to practically grab my hand and not the cup. His warm fingers traced down mine as his thumb rubbed circles into the back of my hand. I tried to pull my hand away, but he gripped harder. Oh my God, I am done with this guy. “Out,” I almost whispered “Get the hell out.”

“Awe come on, I’m sorry.” He complained like a toddler.

My voice stronger this time, I repeated “Get the hell out of my bar.”.

The man released his hands from the glass. “Look I'm sorry I really am! I’ll just go back to where I was. Okay?”.

At that statement I picked up the phone. “Either escort yourself out of here, or I can call the police to escort you out.”

He turned redder than I've ever seen someone go. His signature smirk stooped to a sneer. “Fine.” He snarled. The stranger stomped out of the bar, and didn't come back all night. My shift after that was pretty uneventful, and I closed up shop with no hassles.

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