The Maze [part 8]

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Ricky chucked the phone on the floor and brought his hands to his head. "The Little shit's been in contact with team 6 all this time"

"Oh my" Rowan bent down and picked up the phone.

"Read the messages Rowan" Said Ricky still furious.

"Ok, The messages that were sent today say" He paused and took a deep breath before continuing "Team 6: "Jimmy what's going on?" Jimmy: "Team 1 are dead and I've been taken by team 3. The kid Ricky is a pain in the ass, he hardly lets me out of his sight so it might be difficult to stay in contact" Team 6: Stay in contact Jimmy, What are they doing keeping you alive?" Jimmy: "They're gonna find you and I'm gonna shout you so you come running and then they're gonna get Ray and take him with them, if I do that for them they're gonna let me live" Team 6: "They ain't gonna let you live Jimmy, we're coming to get you" and that's all" said Rowan, he lowered the phone to see the expression on Ricky's face.

"I'm not kidding, I'm gonna kill him. He's no use to us anymore, our plan is ruined" He looked at me "Good job you saw that phone as we would have all been walking into a trap"

Ricky walked out of the group, stopped and then looked around hastily.

"Where is he?"

"Err..." Rhea started but Ricky had already shot off back down the path.

"Why wasn't anyone watching him?" He shouted back as we all ran after him. Ricky made a sharp left turn and the rest of us nearly fell over trying to keep up with him. He could be miles away by now; there was no way we would find him. Ricky suddenly stopped, walked up to Rowan and grabbed the phone out of his hand.

"Let's text" He said.

We all gathered round him again. He typed into the phone "I got away from them, stupid assholes weren't keeping an eye on me" Ricky looked up at us and we all dropped our heads, he looked back at the phone and continued texting. "Where are you?" He pressed send and we all stood there for a while not knowing what to do next.

"Shh" said Ricky, he held his finger to his lips and we all fell silent and listened. It was nothing.

"Don't matter I thought I heard..." The phone beeped and all our heads snapped back down to look at its screen.

"How do we know you're Jimmy and not team 3? Tell us something only you would say" Ricky rolled his eyes.

"What shall I say?"

"What did he say a lot of?" Rowan held his hand to his head and turned away to think.

"Son of a bitch" Naomi said quietly

"What?" Ricky said

"He used to say son of a bitch a lot, I heard him"

"Err, anything else?" Nobody said anything. "Fine, lets try that then" Ricky began texting again, his message read "Just tell me where you are you son of a bitch" He let out a breath before pressing the send button.

"This is either gonna work like a dream or go terribly wrong" he held the phone in the middle of the group and we all waited for it to go of. We had to wait a good five minutes and when it went off half the group jumped. Ricky laughed and then read the text out loud.

"It has a smiley face and then it says: "Ok Jimmy, we will shoot into the air and blue sparks will appear above where we are ok? Don't worry no one else will find us cuz the sparks will be almost invisible so only people looking will see" Ricky clasped his hands around the phone and shoved it in his pocket.

"Perfect, now we need to be on the look out for blue sparks" We all sat on the floor and tilted our heads back to watch the sky, it was going to be difficult to see in the daylight but it was our only hope. We sat and waited for a while and when those 3 sparks entered the sky we knew it was time for a fight.