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The next day I was actually glad to get to school. On the way there I saw Blake but he wasn't alone. Some girl was flirting with him and if I'm being honest he looks uncomfortable.
"Blake!" I yell his name.
He looks over with a happy smile. And he told the blonde that he's going to walk with me. The girl glared at me. I glared back.
"Hey." He says "thanks for saving my ass back there."
"It was nothing. Besides That's Jenny Coleson, the school's slut. Tries to get in every ones pants, including girls. Once she's had her fun eventually breaks up with them." I tell him.
"Good to know." He says relieved.

During first hour I spaced out. When do I not? Good question, cause it's always happening.

At lunch Blake had sat by me.
"Ok so I noticed there are a lot of trophies in the display case with your name on them?" He says
"Oh yeah. I was kinda known around the state for putting our school on the map. But after the accident, I never did any sport." I say looking in his eyes for any judgement, but I saw none.
"It's not your fault. No ones really except the person who caused it. You didn't have to quit something you loved or was it because Lena was your drive line?" He asks sadly
"Well, me and my sister had been on our own when mom and dad had died. Mom and dad died in a car accident as mom was going into labor when she was pregnant with Lena. Dad died on impact. Mom died at the hospital, they had to do C section to get Lena out, so Lena could live. And for 8 years I was like a mother to Lena more than her sister.
"She was only 8 years old. And I didn't...I couldn't  do anything to stop her. By the time I caught up to her, it was already too late. I could've but all I could do was stand there and do nothing while she was dying." I say starting to cry. I couldn't meet Blake's eyes. So I left disregarding Blake's calls for my name. I ran out of the school doors and all the way home and cried on my bed. That night I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and got ready for school.
When I got there I saw Blake on the steps with his head down, almost like he was thinking.
So I walk pass him without a word. I kind of feel bad for running off like that yesterday and not letting him help me. I've been on my own for this long with no one to help. How can one expect me to open after a year after her death? A year after every one left me because I was grieving??

During lunch I sat by myself. I didn't mind, it was nothing new to me. But it still hurt he wasn't there.
"Hey Ember...." He says to me
"Hey..." I say back "look I didn't mean to run off yesterday and not talk to you this morning. I just, i never thought  that after a year of people avoiding me no one would care about how I was doing or if I was okay." With that I walk off but he grabs my arm
"'s fine I was hurt yeah but I knew you needed time to yourself. And I could never leave you in a time of need. I'll always be here for you. Don't think for one second that I would ever leave ok?" He says while pulling me into his chest.

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