Chapter 54

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(Tay Pov)

I Felt The Warmth Of The Sun Invade My Room. I Heard The Birds Chirp, Then I Felt A Sharp Pain Run Through Out My Body As I Stretched.

"Damn" I Said Silently To Myself.

After Fully Being Awake I Realized I Wasnt In Bed Alone... A Body Was Beside Me....

I Opened My Eyes And Met Face With Gemini. Looking All Baby Like With A Slight Smile Plastered On His Face As He Peacefully Slept.

His Arm Was Across My Waist As He Held Me Close. I Manage To Remove His Arm Then I Climbed Out Of Bed Reaching For My Robe.

Though My Legs Ached I Still Made My Way Over To The Mirror. I Took A Seat In Front Of The Mirror I Placed My Hair Up In A Messy Bun. Then I Took A Minute To Look At Myself. Above My Right Eye Was A Scar Small But Still Visible.

Snapping Me Out Of The Land I Was In Was Gemini Groaning. I Looked At Him Through The Mirror. Gemini's Eyes Were Still Close As He Stretched His Arms Out. He Felt On My Side Of The Bed And Realized I Wasnt There. Then His Eyes Opened And He Looked My Way Then A Smirk Crossed His Face.

"Morning" I Told Him Still Looking At Him Through The Mirror.

"Morning Beautiful" He Said As He Sat Up.

"Breakfast?" I Asked.

"Depends" He Said.

"On What?" I Asked Looking At Him.

"If Your On The Menu..." He Said Wiggling His Brows.

I Just Smiled And Shook My Head.

"Come Back To Bed" He Told Me As He Patted My Side Of The Bed.

"Sorry Can't" I Said.

"Ughh Tay... Come On Now" He Said Sounding Like A 4 Yrs Old Whose Mother Just Told Him No.

"Gemini No..." I Said Getting Up And Heading For The Closet.

"Well Can I Get Some Loving At Lease Since You Bout To Leave Me All Alone" He Said With A Pout As Sat Against The Head Board.

I Squinted My Eyes At Him As He Tried His Best To Look Innocent.

"Just Some Lip Loving" He Told Me.

"Nothing Further Than Lips" I Said Just To Be Sure.

"Nothing More At The Moment" He Said With A Wink.

I Reluctedly Strutted Over. So Sure It'll Be Only Some Lip Action. I Climbed On The Bed On My Hands And Knees And Kissed Gemini. After Pulling Away He Pulled Me Back For More Holding Me In His Arms.

"I Just Cant Get Enough Of You" He Told Me As I Laid In His Arms.

"I Cant Tell" I Sarcastically Said.

"I Mean I Can Only Remind You.." He Told Me.

"Nope No More Of Last Night... Right Now" I Told Him.

Last Night...


"Taaayyy" I Heard Gemini Call.

"Whaat?" I Asked.

"Where You At?" I Heard Him Ask.

"Kitchen" I Said.

In Seconds I Felt Gemini's Presence.

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