Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The halls were crowded. I pushed my way through and got some pretty menacing glares. I continued walking to my first class. Music class, a quiet room to relax in. Then I can disappear to the stairwell and get lost playing the piano. Making “sweet music” as my teacher calls it. Maybe it is sweet music. I can’t really tell.

I walked in and gave a sigh of relief when I found the room empty. It’s like bliss; being alone. I closed the door behind me and walked to the grand piano. I hit one key and the room filled with noise. I sat on the piano stool and rested my hands on the keys.

I shuffled through the sheet music until I found a song I’d never seen before. When I started to play I noticed how beautiful it was. I’ve never heard anything like it before. It was sad and happy at the same time. It was the kind of music you just wanted to listen to until you understood it. But there was no understanding it.

I continued to play and didn’t even notice when the door opened. I got lost in the music. The song came to an end and I got up. When I looked around I noticed Tod and my music teacher sitting there calmly. My cheeks heated up and I’m sure my face is a deep shade of red.

“S-sorry,” I muttered. Mr. Landor just smiled at me. I’m sure I made him proud but I just performed in front of someone other than him.

“That was beautiful, did you write it?” Tod asked.

“Um no, I just found it.” He looked surprised and then happy.

“And you just played it like that, one look at it?”

“P-pretty much.” Dang this guy has a lot of questions.

“You’re good.”

“I’d like to think the best at this school,” Mr. Landor interrupted.

“No, definitely not. Can you mark me here, I want to go to the stairwell early.” I didn’t wait for an answer I just grabbed one of the keyboards and walked out of the classroom.

The busy hallways emptied a little, but I can assure you I still got plenty of weird looks as I carried the piano to the stairwell. I used my back to open the door. The metal was cold, as were the stairs.

I sat down and plugged in my head phones. I started playing the song I had just learned. Tod’s right, it is beautiful. Whoever made this masterpiece must be a music genius. What if it’s Mr. Landor? That would be cool.

I thought about who could be the composer of the song as I played it. The melody ringing in my ears. Even the movement of your fingers on the keys was graceful. Everything just seemed perfect about the song. Who has the kind of mind to make something like this?

As I wrote down my answers to my English test I kept getting hit with paper. The person sitting behind me found it funny to hit anyone and everyone with paper, especially during tests.

I grinded my teeth together and tried to forget about it. But I got more annoyed with each hit. I wanted to slap him, but I have more self-control then that. I finished my last answer and got up. I placed the test on Mrs. Keebler’s desk and then leaned down.

“Mrs. Keebler, may I please move for the rest of class. I can’t stand Brian’s stupid paper throwing.” Mrs. Keebler looked up at me, then at Brian, and finally back at me.

“I guess that’s alright, but just for now.” I walked to the only other seat in the room and sat down. It was right behind some kid I’ve never even talked to.

Good, now I won’t be bothered. You’d think that everyone would be busy taking a test, evidently some people still find the three seconds between each question to do something else. Normally people just text.

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