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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8:

“I-I can’t believe you threw me into the pool,” I said as my teeth chattered from the air conditioning that was blasting throughout the hotel. After Louis had declared Harry the winner of the splash war I got out of the pool and started up to the rooms, and of course the boys had to follow. My wavy hair was dripping down my back and I’m pretty sure my pink t shirt was becoming see through.

                “Awh come on Kendall, you know it was fun,” Zayn ran up and put an arm around my shoulder.

                “Me possibly getting pneumonia is fun?” I rolled my eyes as we got into the elevator.

                “Does someone need a hug?” Louis asked opening his arms. I nodded and walked into his warm embrace.

                “You’re so warm,” I sighed.

                “And you’re all wet!” Louis put his chin on top of my head.

                “That’s what she said!” Harry blurted out as we reached our floor.

                “Inappropriate!” I said over my shoulder as I left the boys in the elevator.

                “No, what’s inappropriate is that pink shirt. Nice bra by the way,” Harry smirked at me as he ran to his and Louis’s shared room.

                I immediately crossed my arms over my chest and felt my face start to heat up. “Am I rooming by myself?” I asked as everyone started to go to their rooms.

                “Uh, you’re actually rooming with me…” Zayn looked down at his feet.

                “Oh…” I said quietly then shrugged, “Well let’s go to our room!”

                He laughed then led me down the hall towards our room; it was a pretty normal hotel room, but then I saw the spectacular view. Our room was right on the end of the hallway so we had the perfect view of downtown LA and there was even a balcony you could go on. “This is beautiful!” I exclaimed going out on the balcony.

                “Isn’t it?” Zayn said coming to stand next to me.

                “Mhm,” I rested my head on his shoulder, “Thanks for inviting me.”

                “No problem,” he smiled at me, “But I think you should take a shower and get changed. We’re all going to have a movie party at Louis and Harry’s.”

                “Ok,” I walked back into the room and went into the bathroom. After a hot shower I stepped out and wrapped a fluffy white towel around my body before I realized I forgot to bring clothes to change into. “Shoot,” I said under my breath. I opened the door to the bathroom quietly and saw Zayn lying down on his bed playing with his phone; with no shirt on. I saw him look up from his phone and look back down before doing a double take at my towel ensemble.  

                “Uh, where are your clothes?” he asked as I rummaged through my luggage.

                “I forgot them…” I mumbled, “I’m only wearing my pajamas so I hope they won’t mind.”

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