Coffee? (Mike Dirnt X Reader)

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this is gonna be a W.I.P sorry our laptops are being like wiped so yeah btw thanks for 100+ reads lets just start this 


so im casually out of tragic..., groaning i decide to go with the most logical decision, go buy one coz why not right? i leave the safety of my house wearing my H/C hair in F/S (Favorite Style) and some ripped jeans along with my favorite shoes and top, walking along the empty street to a small coffee shop i knew of.


after arriving i was greeted by the cashier who served me (is this even making sense anymore?) and I've grown to be friends with "Hey Y/N" she calls out smiling "Hi" i call back while walking over "usual?" she asks "what else would i get?" i laugh she does as well "a boyfriend?" she giggles "ptttf i wish" i roll my eyes seeing someone sit alone in my favorite seat "so go sit down and ill bring F/D (Favorite Drink) over" she said starting to make it "but" "what?" she questions "theirs someone where i usually sit" i said feeling a little bit of anxiety build up in me "i'm sure they won't mind if you sit with them" she says continuing to make coffee's (logic?) "um...i dunno..." i said glancing at them again they were kinda cute..."can you please go sit down i needa take more orders" the cashier said i sighed and walked over trying not to be to awkward "um hi" i said he turned to look at me his blue eyes meeting with mine "Hey" he said in a nice tone (i didn't almost type Cone shhhhhhhhhh) "is anyone sitting here?" i asked motioning to the seat across from him he shook his head while sipping his coffee "can i sit?" i asked awkwardly looking around "sure" he said smiling i took a seat and waited for (lmao i'll finally give her a name) Isabella to walk over with my coffee (if ur name's Isabella just change her name to something else) "so..." he starts "can i know your name?" he said with a warm smile (BuT WhAT iF It wAs CoLD? im sorry XD) "yeah, its Y/N" i replied slightly smiling "Y/N" he said "i'll be sure to remember that" he smiled again "i'm Mike by the way" "Mike, and i'll remember that" i smiled back (Daymn so many smiles XD) before i could say more Isabella walked over with my coffee "here" she said putting it on the table then walking back to where ever she came from (XD) "so..." he said again as i sipped my coffee 


No one POV 

Mike and Y/N talked the whole time before you both had to leave as it was almost closing time and  no one else was there (reality slap) Mike offered to walk Y/N home so she accepted of course at her house Mike handed her a bit of paper with some numbers on it "call me" he said before walking into the night (not creepy at all XD) Y/N sighed she had fallen for him quite hard 

one thing she knew was...she'd be making a phone call tomorrow 






Hey sorry that was kinda yknow idk it was just yknow so yea uh thanks for all the reads i really appreciate it ^^

until the next time i get the motivation to write

- She 

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