I won't give specifics as it will give something away, but please be warned that this chapter contains sensitive material that some people might find triggering. If you're easily triggered, I highly recommend reading this chapter and the rest of the story with caution as this will not be the last time this subject and other sensitive topics will be brought up.


Tomomi’s eyes scanned the sides of the houses as she padded down the side walk, one of her arms holding the stack of papers tightly against her chest while the other one gripped her school bag tightly. Tomomi diligently searched for the correct address and nameplate no matter how much her mind yelled at her for it. Tomomi’s mind was urging her to turn back and give up on the task. She could think up a lie to tell the teacher as to why the assignments didn’t get delivered.

The brunette didn’t even fully understand how she had found herself in this position. She had been sitting innocently in class minding her own business when she heard the teacher call on her. It turned out that when she was busy spacing out, the teacher had been looking for volunteers to take Mami’s assignments to her. No one volunteered; no one would ever want to get that close to such a personal space of hers. So the teacher simply picked a volunteer and Tomomi got to be the lucky one who got picked.

Tomomi had thought it would be simple. After all, she did think at the time that she would just see Mami after school; Mami did say she would see Tomomi today when she left her house yesterday. But that’s not the way things went. When school had ended, Tomomi found out from Rina that Mami wasn’t planning on being with them at all that day despite what Mami had told Tomomi. Hearing that, Tomomi knew she had no choice but to track down Mami.

Tomomi sighed softly as she recalled the thoughts on how this had all happened. What had she done to deserve this? It was like the universe was trying to punish her for something by putting her in all of these spots. Tomomi had felt so comfortable around Mami yesterday but today would be completely different. They were at Tomomi’s house before, now she was trying to track down Mami’s.

With how protective all of the girls seemed over their houses, Tomomi was thinking the worst about how Mami would react to all of this. The girls had made it clear to the brunette that they didn’t want her figuring out about their home lives and Mami did have a tendency to let her temper get out of control… Another sigh fell from Tomomi’s lips as she shook her head. What ridiculous thoughts. Mami couldn’t possibly be that angry over this, there was nothing to worry about. Tomomi was just being irrational.

Her walking came to a slower pace when her eyes laid on the set of numbers her teacher had given her. She walked closer to the small fence that surrounded the house, noticing that the plate did indeed have the name Sasazaki on it. Tomomi’s body froze as she looked over at the house in front of her. At that moment, Tomomi was really wishing she had told Rina why she had asked for Mami so Rina could be doing this instead of lying and saying she was only curious. Things would be so much easier if she had only had the common sense to do that.

Tomomi shook her head again, shrugging off the thoughts that plagued her mind. As she pushed open the iron gate, she let her thoughts wander back to yesterday. Why was she thinking all of these bad things about Mami? Tomomi remembered how much fun and how sweet Mami was with her yesterday, she didn’t really think Mami would actually hurt her anymore. It was just in her nature to worry about things, even if those worries may not have the littlest chance of becoming reality.

Tomomi took a deep breath as she raised her hand, knocking loudly on the front door. She stepped back, picking up her bag again from where she had set it down to be able to knock. She stood back on her heels, waiting for someone to answer the door. It didn’t take long before Tomomi heard the lock click and the door be pulled open.

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