22 - Caden

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For an hour now Amelia and I have neen walking in the direction where I last saw the ragers, keeping my senses open as I catch the slight scent of the man who laughed in my face, taking Grace away from me. Grace was a fighter but Amelia's words still rang through my head. Even though I've only know my Lady Silver for a few days I knew she would die before she was claimed.

I stoped, realizing that I called Grace mine. And I knew I wanted her to be mine. Not in the 'I'll claim you by raping you' way the run promotes, but a more, 'I'll show you what it's like to be with a man who wants you to be his because you chose him' way.

I wanted to prove to Grace that I deserved to be with her and that I would love her till the end. I wanted to be with her. I wanted her to want to be with me.

This realization hardened my resolve as I looked around the forest, Amelia just a few feet ahead of me watching me carefully. Soulmates were a myth created by humans but right now I wanted nothing more then for it to be true so that Grace could be my soulmate.

"Caden?" Her voice was soft and quiet, concern filling her features as Amelia looked at me.

"You're falling for her aren't you?" Amelia asked and I nodded slowly, feeling something wet slide down my cheek and I reach to dry my face, the shocked realization that I was crying.

"Then let's find her." My friend states and I nodd again, taking a deep breath roses reaching me with a hint of something else, something I know, like...peppermint! Grace!

"I smell her!" I state, quickly getting undressed and shifting to my wolf form, motioning to Amelia to get on, which she does with our bags in hand.

Taking a deep breath I am ambushed by the scents of the forest, wolves who have been through here and Grace. Her peppermint and rose scent being my main focus as I take off, feeling Amelia grip my fur as I race past trees and over logs that block my paths.

The scent led me deeper into the center and, thankfully, towards the lodge.

"I smell her now." Amelia says excitedly above me and I give a happy yip as I push faster, my paws carrying me to Grace with the sun replacing the moon in the sky. Help was coming.

But I just hoped we weren't too late.

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