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"Ember! Slow down!"
"Well move your legs faster!"
Finally my little sister, Lena, catches up with me. Sometimes I think she hates my athletic abilities, sometimes I do to. "And you wonder why nobody walks with you anymore."
"Oh shut up. I'm actually glad I run faster than most people." I said
"Why?" She asked
"Because then if someone tries to kill or kidnap me then I can run away easily." I say quite truthfully.
Five minutes later after walking in complete silence Lena starts running ahead of me. "Lena stop!!" I screamed
"What? Don't like being in second place?" She says while laughing. I wanted her to stop because of the on coming car. She got hit and all I could do was just stand there frozen, eyes wide, staring, heart pounding against my chest. I was finally out of my thoughts when the ambulance turned the corner.
"Miss you can't come with us. You have to stay back."
"She's my sister dammit! Let me go with her, please."
He moved aside and I climbed in the ambulance. I didn't think I'd lose my only family left that day.
*flashback over*

The funeral was over and now it's just me. After mom and dad died it's been me and Lena but now that Lena is dead, it's just me.
Sometimes I think it my fault you know? For this, for her dying, for not stopping her right away. It was my job to protect her. To make sure she never got hurt. But I didn't. I got her hurt and now I'm going to have to live with it my entire life.

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