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Lines in the Ice


The hockey coach’s voice boomed as he entered the hall. I used my legs to push myself closer to the wall. Hidden behind the stairwell I listened to his words. One by one the boys left and I put my things back in my bag.

My homework was done and I had read a good chunk of my next book. Things were going pretty well today, just time to finish it up. As Tod Weld left I gave a small smile.

My time, my free time.

I grabbed my bags and entered the small room. The owner looked up from his computer and gave me a grin. He grabbed my skates from below the counter and handed them to me. I took them gratefully.

“Thanks, Dan,” I said.

“No problem, you’re my best costumer and yet you skate for free.”

“It does come with a price, even if it’s a small one.” He gave a low chuckle and returned to his work.

I slipped off my boots and put on the hockey skates. Dan was a really nice man. When I came in one time for a class he struck me as the friendly guy. I came in the same day with five dollars from my lunch. I asked him if I could skate. The normal fee was seven dollars, that’s if you rent skates, I was two dollars short.

Dan made a deal with me. After the hockey players had their practice I could skate, but it wouldn’t be on fresh, smooth ice. Of course I accepted. From then on he just decided as long as I showed up I could skate for free, no charge. Always on the rough and uneven ice.

I looked at the big rink and gave a happy smile. I placed my skate onto the ice and I was off. My mind tends to drift when I’m skating. I just skate, stare into space, and think. I also would find myself following all the lines in the ice.

It’s not like I’m a really good skater like in all those books. I don’t figure skate, in fact I’d rather play hockey. I just love to be on the ice and skate. If there was a hockey team for the girls I’d probably try and get on. Then again it would probably be expensive, and I just can’t take the cost right now.

Michael sat on the bleachers watching me. When I finally noticed him I gave him a wave. He waved back and walked towards the rink. I made my way over to him and stopped. When he was right in front of me I was engulfed in a big hug.

Michael’s the only one that knows about my after hours skating, other than Dan of course. It’s okay though, he’s in college so it doesn’t really make a difference, and I love his company. I’m pretty shy, and the newest new girl. I don’t have a single friend from my school, and I would never tell anyone about my skating.

“You look happy,” I told him. He tried to wipe the goofy grin off of his face. It didn’t work. “What’s up?”

“My mom’s engaged!” My mouth gaped open. His mom was engaged. Oh my God. His mom finally got engaged. I gave him another hug.

“That’s great. I hope that I’m going to be your guest for the wedding.” He laughed.

“Actually you’re in the bridal party.”

“What!?” What does he mean I’m in the bridal party?

“My mom wants you to be one of her bride's maids, seeing as how you guys are such good friends and all.” Sure Michael’s mom and I are kind of close, closer than my actual mom and me. I really do love her, she’s a really nice woman.

“Yes! I love your mom!” I hugged him again.

“Yeah, and I was kind of hoping you’d be my date.” He said coolly.

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