Your breath was heavy as you ran through the crowded streets of new York city,Peter demanded that you have to run 50 laps every morning and night for a week to prepare for your special mission with the avengers. And since he is the team captain you followed his orders. You just woke up almost 2 hour ago and you had 5  more laps to go around time square then you would be done for the week, Peter was generous and gave you tonight off of running.

"Five more laps to go." You sighed out, trying to pace your running, Your arms and legs were sore from all the running you been doing this week. You deiced to skip the Five laps and head back to the SHIELD carrier, you ran into a alley with no one around and reached into your draw string bag and quickly slipped on your costume. You run out the alley and flew up into the air, as the further you increased in your flying height, the louder people cheered and screamed your superhero name.


"Your early." Ava said with a smirk as you first walk into the carrier.

"Were you waiting for me?"

"No, I just saw you enter so I deiced to stop by and say Hi. Plus you usually get to the carrier by 7:50, not 7:25. Why are you 25 minutes early?"

"What are you my dad?" You said in a sarcastic tone, Ava gave you a playful smile, she yawned as she was  still wearing her Pj's, which was surprising, maybe Fury loosened up and allowed us to sleep in on weekends.

"Did you skip some of your laps?" Ava said with a huge smirk, you only looked down at the ground.

"5 laps."

"Don't worry (Y/N) I will keep your dirty little secret," Ava laughed out so did you, "Anyways Peter wanted me to tell you that you have training to do right after your 50 laps."

"WHAT? WHY? Training isn't till 5 hours."

"Peter wants you to be prepared for your special mission."

"Does he really think I am not strong or ready enough to work with the avengers? Is he not impressed by me?"

"Hey, don't take it personally, he just excited to work with the avengers again."

You sighed and roll your eyes, you smelled, you were was hot and your hair was dripping sweat.

"Where peter?"

"In Sam room."

"Thanks." You said as you walked towards Sam room, the last thing you heard Ava said was 'Good luck with training.'


"I don't know Sam. It just-"


"More than that, It just, she so-"


"Amazing, She everything any guy would want."

You tried to slow down your breath to eavesdrop on Peter and Sam conversation. Who were they talking  about? And who did Peter think was so Amazing and awesome? You hid behind the wall as Sam room door was wide pen. Since you skipped your five laps you were 20 minutes early and that meant Peter didn't expect you at all.

"Dude I know. Don't you think I feel the same way about Ava?" Sam voice sang out, your ears perked up, "Ava amazing and cool on every way. I am surprised no guys drool over her."

"Dude....Ava like a sister, And I don't appreciate you talking about her like that."

"Hey! Not like I said anything inappropriate, I respect Ava."

"Really? So calling her Babe is respectful."

"She never said she didn't like it!" Sam laughed out in defense, Peter followed Sam laughter, "SO what about (Y/N)? You said it was complicated. What so complicated?"

"It just-She just (Y/N) she amazing and different and beautiful and I am so stubborn and jealous all the time. She was texting this guy a couple nights ago  and  I silently cried in my pillow while she texted this Jack guy. She just way out my league and I try to compete but she just so unique and amazing it hard to prove I am worthy."


"No, I am a jerk to her and make her cry every single day, I cause her pain, she the reason why I get up every morning and she doesn't know that."

"I am sure she feels the same way."

"NO. How can she feel that way about me if I am such a jerk to her and so rude. Sam, I can't see her every day and try to hold back my feelings, It too hard. Every time I see her I fall weak to my knees and want to bow down to her, and be there for her in her toughest times. But I am so tough on her she barley talks to me. She probably hates me for making her run 50 laps every morning and night. And making her get up 2 hours early. And forcing her to do extra Training with me."

"Peter don't say that."

"Sam, it true."

"SO how do you feel about her? It isn't complicated, it just your mind saying it is."

"I think....."

"Tell me PETER."

"I love her."

Hey guys! What up. I truly love this chapter because  this explains How Peter feels about you. Anyways I hoped you enjoyed. Thursday my birthday so I will not be updating On Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday because I am going to Manhattan, New York for my Birthday!

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