Chapter Fourteen: Stepping Down

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HEY GUYS!!! First i wanna say thank you to all my readers and for all your amazing votes and feedback, I love knowing you guys are enjoying this since i love writing it! Sorry this update took a while I was working LONG hours all week, but I found the time finally to write! Hope you enjoy

"I cannot believe you kept me in the dark." Jax said as he closed the door to Abels room, his voice low as to not wake his son. He was furious at Eva, but wanted to be sensitive in the fact that she had just shot her best friend.

"I had to Jax, had you had ANY thought that is was Luke—you would have killed him and that was my job. I am the president of my MC; I have to carry out fate of the men!" Eva said as she walked back into the bedroom, her hand reaching behind her for the zipper to her dress.

"So, what if I had killed him, he tried to kill you!" Jax argued, the door shutting behind him as he watched Eva slip from her black dress, the image of her half naked body making it very hard for him to be angry at her.

"And I took care of it." Eva said with a sly smile as she turned around and placed her hands on her hips. "Can we finish this in the shower, please?" Eva winked as she reached behind her to slip off her bra as she walked into the bathroom.

Jax smiled and slipped his shirt over his head, not needing to be asked twice to join his beautiful wife in the shower. Both took their anger out on each other, the sex rough and hard as Eva spent most of the time with her back against the tiled wall, her arms wrapped tight around Jax.

That night Eva laid awake, tears rolling down her cheeks as it all came crashing down on her. She had killed Luke, her best friend for almost a decade, and she had done it so mercilessly. She knew that becoming president would change her, but she never thought it would tear at her moral fiber.

She slipped from the bed, throwing on some panties and one of Jax's white shirts before walking out of the room. Her mind and heart were heavy, and both for far different reasons. She had been keeping a secret from Jax, a secret that she knew would rock their marriage.

Two month ago, she had received a letter from her charter that her marriage to Jax was illegal based on the conflict of interests in the clubs. They had options of combining clubs, Eva stepping down, or divorcing. Eva knew full well the Renegades were not going join SAMCRO and vice versa, and stepping down was something she didn't think she wanted.

Eva didn't want to divorce either, which left her in a shitty place. She knew the moment she told Jax he was going to tell her to step down, and leave the Renegades, but that was her family. Her last connection to her father and the everything he stood for. She knew that time was running short and she had to decide by the end of the week, which meant she had just seven days to rearrange her life.

"Man, pops, I wish you were here." She whispered as she rested her head on the back of the couch, sleeping finally entering her body, sleep she didn't realize she needed.


Jax woke up to the sound of Abel playing down the hall, Gemma's voice in the distance. He furrowed his brow as he saw Eva wasn't in bed, and her cut and helmet were missing. He got up and got dressed, confused as to why Eva would just leave and not tell him where she was going.

"Morning, darlin." Gemma said casually as he walked by her to Abel. He picked up his son and hugged him close, not wanting to miss anymore precious moments with him. He barely recognized his son, but he knew full well that it was his doing that got him and his men in prison.

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