"I love him but he still loves her, she is married but not happily married, She broke him apart but he still loves her, this breaks me apart seeing him still love her, why did he get engaged to me? I ask this question over and over again, he tries to love me but i know he can't, he breaks me so many times but i can't stop loving him...This my crazy love."

Layla Martin is drop dead gorgeous, she is 21 years old, lives all by herself not knowing who her family are. Layla came to LA thinking she could start a new life, she gets a job as a secretary of the richest guy in LA names Toni Mahfud.

Toni Mahfud is a sexy handsome 22 year old, who is one of the richest men alive and owns one of the most important company, he use to be in love and still is but with his ex girlfriend who broke his heart by marrying his enemy, he never thought he would move on or love someone else, but what would happen when Layla comes along? Will he move on from his ex and find love with Layla?

After all the broken hearts, lies, hatred, secrets. Will anyone find love in the end? Will there be a happily ever after? Read and find out. 

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