Chapter 2

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We arrived at the funfair. My mum parked the car in the muddy field that was a 'carpark'. She excitedly jumped out the car and ran round to my side of the car, opened my door and practically dragged me out of the car. I took a sharp intake of breath as the scent of all the humans hit my nose but I steadied it, concentrating on everything but the people. It really made me feel sick to my stomach that I felt like that about humans. 

Finally after about 30 seconds, the strong scent of the people receded and i had complete control again. My mum was tugging on my hand impatiently. She pulled me towards the biggest ride there. I went willingly, not even mildly intimidated by its large size. Mum was so cute the way her eyes lit up a little bit more every time we got a bit closer to the ride. It was very rare that her eyes lit up the way they did. I think it's because she went to a funfair with my dad for a first date or somehting.

Everytime the funfair is anywhere near where we live she insists on going no matter what. She could be on her death bed and she would still get up to go. 

We went on rides for about half an hour and then mum told me she had to go to the toilet and she would get something to eat on the way back. Knowing her she would get lost or something so i had at least half an hour to kill so I wandered off not wanting to look like a loner. 

As I walked about I managed to have got into the section where all the people with stalls were. There was one stall that called to me. It was a tent with 'wishes' written on the front of it in fancy writing. I wandered towards it. Standing outside was an old but wise looking woman. I could sense that something about her was different . 

"Hello dear," she called out to me as I started edging closer to her tent, "don't be shy dear, I can tell there is something you wish for. I can grant it for you if you want." 

"Ummm, ok then." I replied unsurely. I wasn't afraid of her as i could easily protect myself from her, but there was something about her that was incredibly intimidating. I walked inside next to the woman and she sat down in a big, purple, comfy looking chair. 

"Take a seat dear and think hard about something you wish for most. Something you want more than anything in the whole world." she said warmly.

"I'm not sure it is something you will be able to do." I said unsurely. 

"I can do anything." she replied with a sure and confident tone to her voice.  I was cautious but started to think about not being a vampire.

"You are a mystical creature. Something that is a monster, that people don't believe in. Something that people use to frighten others. You hate it. It makes you feel sick to your stomach. You have been one all your life. You are what is commonly known and reffered to as a... Vampire. I can help." I was majorly freaked out by this point. How in god's name did she know all that?!

"Can you really?!" I said excitedly, regardless of being freaked out if she could help I didnt care.



Yayyy <3 longer than the last one.... I haven't planned this at all and I don't even really know what i want to happen ? :') please comment if you read it  alothough just reading it anyway is appreciated >.< thank youu! <3

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