Life's Plan

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Chapter 3

I wasn't a total fan of Chemistry class but what can I say? I don't hate but its not my favorite class. I was sitting beside umm what's his name? Arch? Ash? I really didn't care what got my attention was her. That girl that made my life impossible. Meg. She hated me ever since. She wasn't a fan of mine. She hated me because of her last boyfriend. I remember that time like it was yesterday.


"Daniel bab-" there she was looking at us. her eyes filled with hatred and sadness. "What the hell are you doing Aylin?"

I looked at her with sorrow. She was my favorite cousin. We were so close but she never knew I had a crush on her boyfriend. I was foolish enough to fall for his trick.

I quickly pushed Daniel away and looked at her.

"Meg I'm sorry I didn't mean-" and with that she slapped me. My cheek burning from the impact. My eyes filled with tears and I ran. I ran away from her.

"You're a hoe Aylin! A stupid whore" she screamed at me. I didn't have the courage to talk to her. I let her down.

My mother knew and she wasn't so happy about it but we decided to move.

Later on I heard about her she was talking to a counselor. She was also put in rehab but later on I figured out she was pregnant from Daniel. She lost the baby for doing alcohol and cutting herself. She even attempted suicide.

It hit me so hard I cried for weeks. I was put in homeschool for I didn't have enough strength and motivation to move on. Life was hard on me but I got the strength to keep moving on.


"It's you" she hissed looking at me. The whole class turned around and stared at me.

"It's not my pleasure to see you either" I hissed back. I hated being disrespected.

"Whatever hoe. You will regret for what you did you heard me!" she looked at me and came up to me and slapped me.

Without thinking I stood up and punched her directly in her face. She stepped back and with that a fight started. I could see Ash stand up and grab me by my waist. What the hell is wrong with him.

" Don't you dare touch me!" I screamed with authority. He stepped back and looked down.

I grabbed my stuff and ran out of the room. Yeah I know what y'all are thinking. I'm skipping school. I ran to the double doors and stepped outside. The sun gleamed down at me. It felt so fresh going through my hair and face.

Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and was surprised by who was there.

"Damn Victoria you run fast" Ash said while recovering his breath.

"What are you doing here Ash?" I asked at him confused.

"Oh you know just came here to look for worms" he said with a smile.

I looked at him and walked away to my car.

"I would tell you to look in your garden. You never knew you might find a snake and bite you." I said while winking at him.

He looked at me and started to laugh. Oh God his laugh sounded so magical. No no no I have to stop thinking like that.

"I like your humor." he smirked and looked at my car "Wow amazing car"

"Yeah I get told that a lot" I smiled and did something I would never let anyone do to my precious car.  "Want to drive it? You could show me around since I'm new." I smirked at him.

"Are you serious?" he looked so surprised.

I smirked and threw him the keys getting into the passenger seat.

"You're going to change my mind if you don't hurry" I said inpatient.

What can I say. I'm not a fan of people who waste my precious time.

"Oh yeah sorry, " he said sincere. Thats the good thing about being alpha you can hear or see who to trust and who to band from the pack.

"I'm going to take you to my favorite place" he looked at me and I smiled.

Something about him gives me the chills but the good kind. We sat in silent while he drove to what it looked like the beach. Oh yes the beach how I love this beach.

The wind was calm and the water sparkling like the sun. The sand looked so inviting and warm. This place was my dad's favorite place. I miss him I really do.

He's never there when I need an advice. I was the most affected one out of my whole family. I was daddy's girl, his princess. He meant everything to me. I look like him with dark brown hair and green/blue eyes. My brothers resemble my mother with jet black hair and brown eyes.

"Something's wrong Victoria? " he looked at me and stopped the car.

"No everything's fine" I lied and felt a tear roll down my cheek. I do miss my dad.

He suddenly grabbed my face and cleaned the tear with his thumb. I didn't expect him to do that.

"Don't cry" he said in a sweet voice. He looked into my eyes and leaned down to kiss my cheek.

I was surprised and confused. I looked at him. Something is not right. I can feel it. Then I looked at his pinky. He had the ring. The ring of love. He found his mate.

"Who's your mate?" I said sheepishly.

He looked at me confused and hurt. And said something i didn't expect.


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