Interview with Akatsu

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Hello pedestrians of earth(: This interview is with Akatsu. I promised that'd I'd update it sooner but I lied. So I sincerely apologize for that, espicially to Akatsu. While you're reading this, you should definitely check out her poems!(: <3 Thanks and enjoy!

 1) How did you find Wattpad?

 You can thank my friend, Isis(Magikal), for that.

2) Did Wattpad improve your writing at all?

Haha, well, I wrote like I did for a long time, because I practically think about the moment I am in and put it into sentence form XD I look at someone and just say "You do?" and my mind goes and exaggerates it to: "She turned around, a look of shock on her face. "You do?!" she asked, her mouthhanging open." My mind exaggerates... a LOT.

3) How did you come up with your story ideas?

Well, my mind is very imaginative and it pops out random ideas every once and a while. Sometimes i get them from dreams, but my dreams are usually really weird or about zombies XD don't ask.

4) Is there some kind of routine you go through while writing your stories? (i.e; listening to music, brainstorming, etc.)

I hate brainstorming, it just bugs me. I usually just think about something and then wonder if it would be a good story idea, or i take it from life experiences, so nope, no real routine.

5) Can you relate your stories to your life?

Totally... my bus is actually bus 629 , too, just like The one Callan rides, and the middle is usually psycho and it sounds like a few people are being murdered in there... (i am also one of the ones in the front, sitting there with a sketchpad or a book XD)

6) If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?

Well, it would be cool to be a wolf, if that counts XD but if it has to be a person, it would be Anky Van Grunsven because she is awesome...

7) Sum yourself up in one word.


8) What do you want to do when you grow up?

Either a series animator or an author.

9) What is your definition of a "good book"?

Um...well, I like a good werewolf story, but it needs action and light hints of romance! not too much though :|

10) Name some of your favorite bands/artists.

Ah, a challenge... well, I like Seabird, house of heroes, um... Paramore, NEEDTOBREATHE and others :P lots of others.

11) Name some of your pet peeves.

I absolutley hate it when somebody names their story with like 10 words, like 'My best friend is a werewolf but he is also my mate and so is his brother and im a werewolf too but i havent told anybody and i have two mates' and in real life, i hate swiming in pools.

12) Any shoutouts you'd like to give?

I would like to give one to my loyal editor and best friend in real life, Magickal :D For both your tips and your 'Thats what she said!' jokes! :D

Author: Akatsu

Interviewed by: xxxMariri555

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