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In a nice beautiful quite town known as Pallet Town in the Kanto Region there are two twins, or as the people of Pallet Town calls them the Ketchum Twins even if one is adopted.

They both have a huge dream;

"I'll become the Greatest Pokémon Master of all Time!"

"I'll be a great Pokémon professor and to be a Great Pokémon Trainer."

They also have a common goal to complete;

"I will help Aisha eyes see the world of colour again, not just red and blue ."

"One day I will be able to see the wonderful colours of the Pokémon World."

Meet the oldest twin; Ashura Satoshi Ketchum or Ash, a thirteen year old young boy but he doesn't look like an avenge ten year old, people sometimes well... Always mistaken him as a thirteen year old because of his tall height and muscularly body. He has tanned skinned, spiky black hair and black-brown eyes that is full of excitement for tomorrow, he was wearing his pyjamas; a dark blue shirt and matching long pants with red flames at the end sleeves of them.

Next let's meet the youngest who is also the adopted; Aisha lee chan-Ketchum or Aisha Ketchum, a beautiful doll-like petite ten year old young girl but just like a older twin she looks nothing like a ten mistakenly as a thirteen, due to her height and figure that most girls in Pallet Town is jealous of but she doesn't care for her looks its natural, she is slightly shorter than her brother by five centimetres. She has pale skin, long waist length dark cropper hair with tip of blue at the end, golden  blue eyes that looks like a midnight  gem stone, she was wearing her pyjamas as well; a dark red long sleeve shirt with matching dark red pants that has light blue at the end of each sleeves.

Aisha parents pasted away when she was five years old and the Ketchum family who was really close to her parents like a family automatically adopted her making her Ash younger twin which they have not problem with seeing they have been closed since they have met .

But a problem was discovered when Aisha was born, she was colour blind only to see the colour red and blue which was also her favourite colour.

During the years Ash has discovered his Aura powers and a little bit of psychic which they help out a lot, he was able to sense Pokémon that are nearby, far away and hidden, sight; he is able to see aura's in people and objects but not advance yet he still crushed into trees and others objects from time to time, emotions; not really there yet but able to sense the angry coming from them, he is also able to understand Pokémon and he is able to communicate to Aisha when they are far away only in the red and blue crystals marble he has around his neck by using his psychic powers.

Aisha was only able to see the colour red and blue , but she can clearly see Fire- water type Pokémon, while the world and other non-Fire or water type Pokémon are grey and black but she can also see the aura colours of all Pokémon even thought not see them completely in colour but the types they have and that's not all Aisha also found out that she is Psychic like Ash but much stronger than him.

When the Ketchum family came back from shopping, they stopped by a small house that was selling some things away because the family was moving, even though Aisha can't see the colours she could see several bunch of red and blue crystal marbles in a glass jar wrapped with a red and blue ribbon around, Delia notice this and bought it for her and when she took one out, her unknown psychic powers activated and poured some powers into the red and blue marble, she was able to see colour thought the red or blue crystal marbles which shocked the family but soon they got over it and was happy that Aisha was able to see more colours, she is able to communicate to Ash and locate people with them, just like Ash she is able to understand Pokémon talking.

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