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Hey Everyone!

Let me first and foremost say, that this message goes out to both WattPad and readers, so if you don't understand something it is more than likely directed to the other group lol. Okay so, obviously this is a new story in my 'A Texas' Series and it will be the last.

For those who haven't read -- A Texas Reunion, or A Texas Wedding, I suggest you read them. Even though you won't be entirely lost, it will definitely help.

The first chapter will be posted December 11, 2016.

I want to thank everyone who messaged me and commented asking if I was okay since I hadn't posted anything new -- aside from WattPad, where I am editing and rewriting 'Married to my Job'. I have been great, just tired with a lot going on. Not only am I preparing to move into a new house, we also had a family reunion this past weekend and the levels of my fatigue are becoming greater and I will probably have to go see a specialist, so that's why as of right now I have no update schedule on any of my stories -- editing or writing. 

I would like for it to be like an every other day thing, or every 2 days when I post but, I can't guarantee that. 

But I digress, I really appreciate the messages and comments of those who were concerned. I went from having 2 stories and posting daily to not posting at all and I think it freaked some of my Fanfiction readers out. 


Anyways, next topic of conversation. COVERS! If you want to make a cover, I would love to see them so please don't hesitate and this is me asking. I usually get them from dorothyfriar on WattPad and I'm in love with her's -- for anyone who needs covers she's incredible -- but I also know there are a lot of really talented people out there and I want to see what you can do. So, if you would like to make a cover for this book, you can message me with the cover or tag me in your book and on Thursday I will post my top 5 favorite -- fingers crossed I get that many, that would be embarrassing lol -- and you guys can vote. If, yours doesn't get chosen, even if it doesn't make it to the top 5, I will still post them throughout the stories as the banner:). 

Love you guys a bunchie bunchie! Go ahead and tell me how excited you are that I'm finally granting you your wish of writing this story lol. Love you guys.



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