Becuase Everyone Knows Theres A Party At The End Of The World

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My name is Jenni Marse. The world is ending and theres only me and my little sister Kerin Marse.

"But mama!"Kerin screamed as her brains were getting eatin by a insane pysopathic zombie.

"Jenni,Kerin! Go! Go! Far! Far away!"She screamed. I grabbed Kerin by the waist and ran out of the house grabbing the car keys.

"Kerin,don't worry,everything will be ok.We just,gotta get out alive.."I said trying to make her worry anymore,whule dodging zombies,and people screaming.

"Jenni!"She screamed covering her eyes.

"It's okay sweety.It's okay"I said over and over again. I turned the radio on. Nothing.Nothing but the sound of screaming and crying. I quickly shut it off.

"Where are we gonna go?"She whispered.

"Dunley High.Grab some supplies and stay there 'till we can get out of this town safe and sound." I said pulling into the parking lot. I parked in the front and grabbed  Kerin and ran inside,avoiding everything. I found a rock to break threw the window. I placed Kerin threw the window and grabbed another rock uncase there was a zombie infestation in the school.

"Jenni...Jenni...Jenni...Jenni!"Kerin sobbed pointing at something.

"What?What is it?!"I asked throwing rocks. Hearing a "OW!" from people.

"We aren't zombies."They all screamed.

"Come into light,so I can I see you" I said pulling the hand gun from my back pocket and pointing it in the darkness. Kerin was gripping to my leg sobbing.

I saw five people come into picture with their hands infront of their faces. Im guessing because of the gun.

"Names,and what the fuck you are doing in Dunley High and also if you have been bitten by a zombie,touched by a zombie,or EVEN breathed on by a zombie" I growled still holding the gun.

"A-Alex. This is our old high school"He stuttered scared shitless. I pointed to the next guy,Lanky and Weird

"Jack. Same what Alex said"He said confident. I pointed to the muscle man.

"Z-Z-Zack. From Townson Highschool."He asnwered.

"R-R-Rian.Old HighSchool"

"PLEASE DON'T KILL US" A guy said. This made Kerin cry even harder and louder.

"You,whats your name"I grolwed.

"Matt"He said looking at Kerin.

"We haven't seen or been anywhere around zombies. We came here becuase we didn't want to get eatin by zombies.This was the closet area anyway."Alex said stepping forward.

"What about you guys?"Rian asked in a normal voice

"Jenni Marse and my 5 year old sister Kerin Marse"I answerd putting the guy in the back of my jeans and picking up Kerin who was hiding from them sniffling.

"Don't cry,we're not gonna hurt you"Matt siad to her. She turned her head to face him.

"Wait.Alex,Jack,Zack,Rian and Matt?"I said softly.

"There the guys from your poster in your room and on youtube"Kerin said pointing to them and looking at me.

"And him,he's from your ipod. You said that his band saved your  life"She said pointing to Matt.

"Underscore Matt Flyzik?"I aksed.

"No way! You know my old band! SCHWEET!"He said jumping up and down and yelling.

"And your All Time Low" I finished. They nodded.