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I'm sitting across from Cormac in his room, a spare chair having been pulled over to face him while he sits on the edge at the end of his bed. My eyes lift from my hands that I've been fiddling with nothing in particular with, just anxious and uneasy.

I still don't understand fully what happened...one moment I'm watching Rochelle being left to die by Desiree and Cassidy and the next, a vampire is dead and I'm staring into the cold and heartless eyes of Arthur Valentine.

I hardly remember anything...

...though I was reminded by Cormac, that I was the one who killed that vampire. Yet again, I was not punished nor killed for my actions.

We were all taken from the pool room, changed from our swimsuits and dressed in our normal slave attire, and after hearing Aohdan whisper in a hushed tone to Arthur, I knew Warren was alive, but just barely. I'm not entirely sure why this Dante Matz character decided to show up at the eleventh hour with his two goons, but according to him, there is an open position on the council.

It's even written in the code as the tenth rule:

10 The four members of the vampire council have the final say and can nullify The Code of Conduct by a unanimous vote. 

How is there a fifth position? Or is he planning on killing one of the other council members in order to attain that position?

Arthur was the one to meet with Dante in private, but I'm not sure what they spoke about. Do they even know who he is?

Cormac's arm reaches out, his hand motioning for me to give him mine.

Nothing makes sense anymore. What I thought this world really was...is hardly nothing in comparison to what is actually happening.

My eyes flicker to the side, catching sight of the syringe he has placed on a small stand next to us. The dark red liquid swirls around with just the slightest movement, noticing when he had set it down early after being ushered away from the scene in the pool room.

Apparently, the show must go on.

I want access to that library...

My right palm lays on top of his and the moment our skin touches, a warmth and spark ignites from the point of contact. This feeling travels up my arm and my eyes fall away from the syringe and lock with his green ones. There is so much hidden behind those irises that I'm not sure what I can and cannot trust coming from his mouth.

There is only one thing that is for sure and true...

...I can't ignore the pull that seems to have me in an inescapable grasp and the more I attempt to ignore and fight it, the greater the feeling becomes.

Cormac's features are unreadable in this moment, his fingers wrapping around the back of my hand and slowly sliding up the skin. When his fingertips brush the silver bracelet, he pauses before running the pad of his thumb over the elegantly engraved letters. I might have seen his muscles tense, but I can't confirm anything until his eyes meet mine again and the look he gives me throws my guard off.

"Rose," his voice breaks the silence we have been sitting in for the past few minutes, "one day, you will not wear this chain, but the one in your heart will be enough for me."

Did he just infer that I am inevitably bound to him and that I will not be owned by Aohdan?

Ha, that's a laugh.

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