Chapter Thirty-Nine

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Angelique didn't think it possible to get any happier

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Angelique didn't think it possible to get any happier. She's been smiling so much her face hurts. John had left her to freshen up. He amazed her. 

How did he arrange all this so quickly? She wondered. Could anyone be more wonderful? She doubted it. 

After she had finished with her shower and taking special care with her hair and makeup, she put on the terry robe that was just her size, that was hanging on a hook inside the bathroom door. A larger robe, exactly like it, hung next to it.

Two of a kind, she thought. 

Angelique reentered the Master Bedroom. There wasn't too much in the way of furniture in this room, she noticed, most likely because the large king-size poster bed took up most of it. As she circled the bed, she noticed John already laid her costume out for her. She pressed her fingers to her lips to keep from squealing with excitement. 

"Put it on," she heard him say as she caressed the beautiful fabric with a loving touch. 

"Now? But the Ball isn't until six? It's only four o'clock," she said, gazing at the alarm clock on the dresser and then at the incredibly good-looking man who filled the doorway. 

"Put it on," he said again, although the desire in his eyes told quite a different story. "We have a stop to make before the ball." 

"We do?" she asked, shying under his gaze. 

"I don't want us to run late and so... I'll wait for you out there," he said, grinning at her. She looked so adorable in her bare feet and terry robe and there was only so much a man can take. 

Ten minutes later, Angelique entered the room. John felt his breath escape his lungs at her beauty. This was exactly how he had always pictured her. Only now she was no longer a fantasy but the real thing, and right before his very eyes. She had transformed. 

John's costume didn't quite have the same effect on Angelique as hers did on him. She couldn't stop the fit of giggles that threatened to overtake her. 

"Oh, no..." she said, covering her eyes and then peeking through them again at his form. "Oh no, no..." she said again as another fit of laughter took hold. 

John sauntered over to her. Loving her laugh, loving everything about her. He presented her with a rose. "I thought we should go as a couple," he said, taking her hand in his. 

"You as my Angel and me..." 

"As my handsome devil?" Angelique suggested as she tried unsuccessfully to hide her smile behind her rose. He truly was a handsome devil in his tailored suit, complete with devil horns and tail.

"At your service," he said. "And be forewarned, I have full plans of making you succumb to temptation before this night is through," he promised, bringing her hand to his lips. 

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