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It was all destroyed... the place where I grew up. The place where all my memories have been spent.

"No Apology."

But those memories are mere thoughts from the past. Now is the present, and we must focus on the future and what's to come.

"We will not back down."

We cannot look back now. Our fate is in between us, and the Government. What's to come? We don't know, but we're ready. Ready for anything.

"We are not afraid."

The Government had destroyed everything we've ever had. They're the ones who made up these stupid laws and turned a beautiful community into living hell. I don't care. They deserve what's to come. 

"Not a drop of doubt." 

He gave me a nervous smile and took my hand in his. "After all we've been through, after all that has changed, there's no turning back." 

My lips curved into a small smile and I shook my head. "No, there's no turning back."

"Hand in hand, across the land.
 Our voices shouting out."

"Ready?" he questioned, his voice a mere whisper. 

Nodding my head proudly, I grinned.

 "Let's finish what they've started." 

"No apologies."


Contest time! Now, I don't want any crazy entries. Nothing with "pink hair" or " pink tips" because Erinsdale is a very strict place, and little features like this will give you a death sentence and a rejection in selection. Please, keep the tatoos, piercings, odd coloured eyes and the hyper trait to a zero. I'll be choosing around 2 or 3 entries. Please make your entries detailed. I will not accept an entry like this-

"Name- Ashley Robertson Appearance-Blonde hair Personality- Fun and cute Important Traits- Smart Member of- Either one is okay Skills- Smart and sneaky WYWWARITS- Your books are great"

No, no, no. And you HAVE to choose either Praelia or the Government. I won't choose "Either" or "Doesn't matter" as an answer. 

I'll need a member of Praelia and a member of the Government. I know most of you will choose Praelia, but some Government members will not be all that bad. 

Please fill this form in if you wish to enter this character contest-

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Listen to No Apologies by Bon Jovi, the song that gave me the idea to create this story :) ---->