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Chapter 7

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guys watch one punch man it be amazin



Unknown Location

Time Irrelevant 

Peter scrunched his eyes as he awoke from his year-long-sleeping-beauty-sleep. He groaned as his lung burst with pain and agony. There was a figure next to him and they shifted. 

"I see you are awake." Peter recognized Loki's voice beside him. Peter forced his eyes to open. He saw the god looking over him with a worried expression. He hummed softly as he sat back. 

"Careful," he instructed, "your lung will still be sore. It has yet to heal fully." Peter had mixed feelings about Loki using magic on his lung. On one hand; awesome! On the other; Peter felt violated. "What are you thinking about?" Loki asked with an amused smirk. 

"Where are- are we?" Peter rasped. He was surprised about how scratchy his voice sounded. He scoffed in his forearm,  trying to clear his throat. A sudden sadness and uncertainty engulfed Loki's stance. He shrugged hesitantly. 

"I suppose I'll hand you back over to the Avengers," he answered after a while. "If Stark does not have my scepter, then it is a lost cause. Besides," he shrugged, "there's no way I am handing you over to H.Y.D.R.A. now." Peter's eyes widened. 

Hand him back...? It had been about a month since his disappearance, and now he could go back to his former life? 


"Tony! Tony, look at this!" Steve shouted, poking and prodding at the sleep deprived billionaire. The man grunted, trying to shove Steve away. Steve's eyes narrowed as he shoved Tony in front of the TV. 

Ever since the young superhero disappeared, everyone's been on... edge. 

"What in hell's name do you want, Steve?" Tony snapped, finally taking a glance at the TV. 

"Just now, an attack! There has been an unknown attack in Oscorp's tower. When the damage was overseen, officials have said that there seems to have been an basement to Oscorp. There they've seen dungeons, even prisons. It seems as if Oscorp was built on an old castle, where there was a hundreds of yards of unfilled space. Officials say that there was no way of getting in the area, as if Oscorp was built above it. Mr. Osborn claims to not have known about this underground sanctuary. We will find more to come-"

"Dungeons?" Tony exclaimed, eyes widening at the news reporter with astonishment. 

"If you had just listened to me, Stark-,"  Steve snapped. 

"We have to get everyone together and check it out. Peter might have been in there!" Tony cut off. Before Steve could respond, Tony rushed out of the room, yelling at all the other Avengers currently in the tower. 

Surprisingly, Tony got most of the Avengers gathered in the center in under a minute. 

There wasn't that many people. 

There was Clint, Pietro, Logan, Steve, Thor  and Tony himself. He pouted, looking around the room with a flat face. 

"I honestly thought that there was more people in the tower." 

Logan sipped lazily on his beer, trying to figure out what was happening. Clint was on edge, while Pietro just gazed at the weather that was currently getting reported on. 

"There has been a break in at Oscorp," Steve explained, "Tony believes that Peter was held there. We are going to investigate. Who is coming along?" Pietro, Clint, and Thor raised their hands. Steve looked at Logan with a questioning gaze. Logan shrugged,

"I have to check in with the X-Men, so I will not be able to join. I was just about to leave," he pointed to the suitcase sitting near the door. Steve ducked his head, 

"Ah, yes. I do suppose that you would like to go and check on the super humans," he dismissed. Logan, seeing his dismissal, turned heel and walked out with the suitcase in hand. 

Steve turned to the others. 

"Alright," he said, "we're leaving now, so grab what you need and let's head out." He didn't wait for an answer as he turned. 

Tony grabbed his Iron-Man-Suitcase, Pietro got his sneakers, and Clint grabbed a bow and a quiver. 

Steve, shield in hand, waited for them patiently. He nodded to them as they headed out. 


"Excuse me, sir!" a man at the front of the building yelped, "I cannot allow to you enter t-this premises!" he informed. Steve opened his mouth to reply, only to get shoved to the side by the one and only Stark. 

He looked at the man. 

"I presume you know who we are?" Tony asked, literally giving not one crap about the man before him. 

"Y-Yes," the man stuttered. Tony snickered, gently shoving the man away. 

"Then you know why we are here," he answered. Steve didn't particularly like the way that Tony did things, but it was one of the ways to do it. He passed the man without looking at him in the eye, whilst the rest followed. 

Tony shoved and pushed through everyone, getting into the rubble. 

"Alright, out," Tony ordered the police men. One of them turned, furious; 

"Who do you think you are-?" 

"I think we both know the answer to that," Tony snapped. He went closer to the police man and jabbed him in the chest. 

"You're not doing scat, so maybe you should scat instead," he growled. The man gulped, and ordered his men to clear out. Steve wondered the hallways, his boots clicking on the once-shining tile. He looked and turned, glancing at every blast mark on the wall. The rubble under his boots crumpled and scratched. 

He turned the hallway, something catching his eye. He turned back, glancing at the shimmering and shining. His eyes widened at what he saw: 

They were jail cell like things, obviously intended for someone or something to be held there and kept there. He looked at one, which the door was open, and glanced at the thing inside it. The door creaked as he pushed it open. It was far heavier then the normal steel bars in a regular prison; they were not made of steel; rather, a finer metal. 

Nothing was in there besides a bed. 

And blood. 


To Honor All The People Who Are Suicidal And\Or Has Depression, I Am Going To Refrain From Updating For The Remainder Of This Week. 

Hey guys. 

So this is Suicidal aware week. Or the 'Yellow Ribbon' Week. 

This is a touchy subject for almost everyone. 

Especially me. 

I have 3 friends who are suicidal. 

One even cut. 

Thankfully, I helped them all through it. 

on my own

So, in honor of them, I refrain myself. 

Please, if you are suicidal, please get help. Don't keep it to yourself, you matter, and you most likely have people who love you. 

Everyone's lives matter. 

Even yours. 

1122 words. 



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