Part One ~ Chapter One

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“Some call it ostentatious; I call it displaying what I have to offer.”



Chapter One

“Welcome to Hamilton Academy," the short man standing at the podium attempted to quiet us all down. “I hope everyone new here likes what they see so far! Welcome back returning students, be sure to make the others feel comfortable! We are going to dismiss you by cabin now, so when you hear your name please follow the signs.” He gestured towards the multiple wooden boards around him. “We’ll give you two hours to unpack, meet your cabin mates, and read over our booklets. After that, everyone will meet in Center Circle for dinner.”

When Mr. Higgins started to list the tenth grade boys’ cabins, everyone leaned in to try and hear their name. I, being particularly tall, had no problem towering over the others. Once I heard what soundly vaguely like Mr. Higgins saying my name, I easily grabbed my two duffel bags that were not very heavy at all.

My eyes immediately strayed away to all the girls, chattering away and gossiping about their summer. Typical girls, I thought as I adjusted my bags on my shoulder to show how strong I was.

Not watching where I was going, I crashed into someone and dropped what I was holding; only momentarily faltering my ego. Some call it ostentatious; I call it displaying what I have to offer.

“Checking out girls?” A raised eyebrow was directed towards me by the guy dusting the dirt off from his jeans.

I shrugged carelessly. “Sorry, wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“No problem. I’m Andrew, where you headed?”

I opened my mouth to respond, but was interrupted by an elbow coming into contact with my rock solid abs.

“Who’s this?” It was Amy, being her straightforward self as she sent a sidelong glance towards Andrew. This week, Amy was in her Michael Jackson phase, so she had one glove on. Who knew what aberrant thing she would be doing next week? She immediately began twirling her red hair as Andrew watched her. “I’m Amy.” Her eyes trailed down Andrew’s body with an approving look. I guess I could see how some girls might find him attractive. He had brown hair with green eyes. If I was a girl I would probably go after him also, but I don’t play for that team.

Julia shook her head, and Amy just sent a smile her way to show that she was already plotting things in her head. She might have still been a virgin, but she had a past with many boyfriends. When you hang out with Amy and Julia all the time, you tend to pick up on some information you could have lived without.

“Andrew.” My newfound friend sent a grin towards Amy like he knew what she had done.

“Well, ignoring that exchange there,” Julia winked. “I’m Julia.”

“Hey Julia, I’m obviously Andrew.” Andrew looked around awkwardly, pretending to take in the scenery.

“Same cabin?” I raised my eyebrows at Amy and Julia as I picked up my bags from the ground.

“We wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

“I wonder what happened with Ethan and Johnny…” I suddenly realized that I should have been looking after my little brother. Ethan was sort of my responsibility now.

“Such a great sibling,” Amy teased me and I rolled my eyes.

“Same to you.”