Chapter Two- Breaking And Entering With Ease

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Chapter Two- Breaking And Entering With Ease

June 5th: Waning Gibbous

    That morning I woke up in unknown surroundings. I was lying on my back in a plush bed with perfectly white comforters. On my night stand was another cup of tea with a small note attached to it which I made sure to read before doing anything else.

Dear Amanda,

    I know you're in a whole new place today and will probably need someone to help you, but as it turns out I had many errands to run this morning. I hope you will forgive me when I get home. Have a wonderful day and keep drinking the tea, it might help your memory come back.

From Simone

    I was about to bring the tea up to my lips when a loud rapping noise came from the front of the cottage. Since my door hadn't been shut all the way I was able to see the front window, noticing that a middle age man stood on the doorstep. His face was focused on the door, but I could tell that from the corner of his eye he was looking inside the house. Wondering who this man was, I got up from the bed, checking my body to make suer I was clothed. Yes, it was a bit stupid, but nowadays I apparently couldn't take any chances. Lucky for me I was still wearing the outfit Gurtrude had given to me yesterday.

    I padded over to the door and hesitated only a moment before pulling it open. The man stood before me, wearing a formal suit with his hair slicked back slightly. Although he was trying to keep the demeaner of business man, I could see the smirk slowly rising up on his mouth. What did he have to smirk about? I was tempted almost to look back down at my body when I realized once again that that would be stupid.

    "Can I help you?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at the man while I hid slightly behind the door. The smirk on his face was almost completely there as he stared at me, looking past me as if he was waiting for someone else.

    "Is Simone Jameson around, I came to speak with her." The man's voice was velvety, making it clear that he was good at getting what he wanted. It also made clear to me that he was using that same voice for the very reason of trying to get in the house. Whoever he was I wasn't going to just let him inside, even if I didn't know Simone very well. Something was telling me he wasn't really here on terms of business.

    "She's out running errands," I said, "You might be able to find her somewhere else."

    The man stepped closer to the door, grasping the handle now. "She can't be too long now can she? Would you mind if I waited inside for her?"

    He didn't even wait for an answer as he wrenched the door open and walked into the living room. He sat down in an armchair, not even bothering to look guilty that he'd practically just broke into the house. In fact he pulled a magazine from the coffee table and began reading it with mock interest. Really who did this man think he was?

    "Look, I don't know Simone real well, but I'm not sure if she'd want some strange man hanging out in her house." I left the door slightly ajar as I spoke, signaling to the man that he really needed to leave...and wait! I was being nice enough to hold the door open.

    After a few moments of him still silently reading the magazine, he finally pulled his eyes back up to my own. "I think that Simone would be more than happy to let the mayor into her home."

    Yeah, my jaw by now was about to the floor as I stared closer at the man. Although he had a distinct attitude there was still that air of higher power to him, as if he knew he was higher ranked than me and didn't feel bad about showing it. It made me feel a little bad about being so rude, but how else was I supposed to react. I didn't think random men walk into people's homes like that everyday.

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